What married women find sexy in their men

It’s quite surprising how fast a woman’s perspective of a sexy man can change few years after marriage. For some, the scales fall off their eyes a few months after their wedding ceremony and they might tend to nag their man to get them to fall in line. Big mistake!

From enjoying the rippling muscles on a man to having tears in her eyes as her husband finally succumbed to helping her bathe their babies. It is transition really well worth the wait. Because what attracted her in the first place was physical appearance but what the married woman finds attractive later on is the person on the inside, the person, who was willing to discomfort himself to bring comfort to his partner.

Now men, listen up. If you want your wife to go all putty on you, if you want to be the yummiest thing since frozen yogurt, then, you will be doing yourself a world of good, if you read and apply some of the things, I will mention below.
Before you go off thinking that it is only what’s on the inside that matters, married women enjoy some serious eye candy. I should know, I have some men whose bodies and faces trip me besides, you don’t think the #MCM is trending for no good reason.  Keep it buff both inside and outside and you become irresistible.

If you are a great dad

There is nothing that beats knowing her child will have the very best care in her absence.  She comes home to meet you caring for your baby, perhaps with her strapped to your back or asleep in your arms. You just made her day and upped your ranking on the hotness scale. Oh yes! Let me tell you the story of Tayo and her husband, they are newlyweds with a baby, Tayo, who is a banker had to go on a training on a weekend, so it meant her doctor husband had to take over the care of their baby for the weekend as the day care center she attends during the week do not open on weekends.

Tayo’s husband stayed with the child all through the day, bathed her, changed her diapers when necessary, cooed up to her and guess what, he even had her strapped in her baby carrier on his chest. That was the scene Tayo came home to and immediately she saw that, she burst into laughter and ensured she took a picture for posterity sake. I will not tell you what went on behind the closed doors of their bedroom that night but you can guess.  It was more than sex though, he earned her respect by just caring for their child and that’s what every man wants. You want respect, care for your babies.

Just check Instagram and go to Dr Sid’s wife’s page, to see what I’m talking about. She even jokingly complained that her husband wants to take over her job but you know what, she loves every minute of it.

Show your feelings


While you are still here, know this, showing affection, your feelings is the new code for toughness in town. I’m not a guy, perhaps, Obiora might have a different idea but right now, what I know gets me all the time is when DH comes home and all the kids rush out to welcome him and he endows each and every one of them with a pat on the end and ask how their day went. The parroting starts but it’s all good. I love him for that, besides, when the kids focus on him, they are not paying attention to me. Selfish you think but sometimes, child-free minutes matter. And I absolutely find that sexy. So all you men, who think, all you concern in the house is to feed your family and discipline your kids, think again.

Provide support unasked

Just the other day, my sister, Carina had a very hard day at work and called her husband to tell him about it while she was going through it. That day, her husband picked her up from work, even when it meant he had to go out of his way to get to her office. She was really surprised to see him there but she definitely enjoyed a pleasant ride home, driven by her own knight in shining armour.

He did not allow her make dinner, he made it and served it to her in bed, after which he massaged her feet. Carina was a very happy woman as she slipped off to sleep that night. Guys, when you act all romantic without being asked, you will have your woman eating out of your hand. You might say Carina’s husband was able to do all that because they had no kids yet. Then, I should tell you about the many men I know, who take care of their kids when their wives had to be out of town, ill or even just plain tired. Men like that exist and you can join their club, if you want your wife to find you hot like never before.

Before you go off thinking these things are so easy to do and mean you will get more sex, I am sorry to burst your bubble, women can see through the screen you have put up faster than you think. If you are doing it to get more sex, wrong move. What will work for you is to be able to stay true to yourself, be loving and show some kindness. That would work but nothing else will.

Ladies, out there, what are some of the things you think if your man did would make him more attractive to you? Please share and while we are it, moms, lets train our sons to be those loving, kind and thoughtful men, we want.

Cheers!!! :kissblush:   :kissblush:


Kristine is a member of the The Lovelint team. She is a down to earth person, who says it as it is. Having given relationship advice for years in a national daily, she has found out that fear is one of the main reasons holding people back from enjoying a healthy, happy relationship. She is married with kids and is willing to listen to you and help as much as you let her to.

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