The Wives’ Code To The Side Chick’s Game

When Anita found out that her husband was cheating on her; she was distressed and deeply sad. Confusion gripped her, as she didn’t know what to do or say to the little girl standing in front of her. She had had suspicions for a while about her husband’s unfaithful acts, but she chose to trust him and to ignore the glaring signs. She believed  him when he said traffic and meetings made him return home at 10pm. She believed when work suddenly started making him go on one too many trips. She believed when he said his recent interest in dressing well and looking good, was simply because he wanted to step up his game and look good to his clients. She even believed when he reduced her allowance, on the excuse that he had some capital projects he was working oh. He was her husband, and she chose to believe his word.

Anita wasn’t also the kind of wife to snoop around her husband’s phone. When she heard it ring from their dresser very late at night, she simply tapped him and told him his phone was ringing. And when he rushed out of the room and returned minutes later, saying a friends of theirs was stranded with a flat tyre or a knocked engine somewhere, she kissed him and told him to be careful as he drove out to go give this friend some form of assistance. What Anita didn’t know was that her husband’s side chick was tired of being hidden in the shadows, and wanted Anita to know about her. She purposely sent messages early in the mornings and called very late at night, with the hopes that Anita would stumble on them, and then find out that she had an assistant madam. Tina was tired of hearing Greg talk about how much he loved his wife and why he was never going to take a second wife, no matter how unfaithful he was. Anita is a good woman, and Greg was pretty happy with the arrangement. He had a wife at home, and a side kick outside; Tina understood the terms of the agreement and Anita was oblivious to anything, so everyone was happy.

Well, that was until Tina tracked Anita to her children’s school one afternoon, and stopped her just as she was about getting into her car. “Hi Anita, my name is Tina.” Anita was surprised this strange lady, who knew her name, but she extended her hand in greetings all the same. “Did Greg ever mention me to you?” Tina asked. “No, I doubt he has ever said anything about a Tina. Is there any problem?” Anita asked, this time, fear running all the way down her spine. Tina rested one arm on Anita’s car before continuing “It’s very convenient for him, isn’t it? He keeps me on the side and still has a naive dotting wife at home.” As shock washed over Anita’s face and she started to stammer, not fully grasping the truth standing before her, satisfaction washed over Tina, and she continued “I have been dating Greg for three years now. Initially, I was okay being in the shadows, because I just wanted money from him, but I have grown to love him, and I believe we should be able to express our love in the open. He has refused to marry me, which is fine because I am not even ready to be tied down by any man, but I just wanted you to know and I exist, so we can work out this love triangle appropriately”.

Anita felt a torrent of emotions that she could hardly recognize. First, there was that feeling of being betrayed by a man she had loved and trusted for over ten years, then the sheer ridicule and insult from a girl she was at least twelve years older than. Anita was scorned but she sure wasn’t going to allow Tina see her cry. With her shoulder held high, she smiled and said “Ok, Tina, this is only an allegation until I hear from Greg myself.” Whilst Tina opened her mouth to say something, she quickly got into her car and drove off. By the time she managed to get home, she was red from crying and her kids had tried without success to console her. They had kept saying “sorry mummy” without knowing what was going on. She had managed to call Greg on her way home and asked him to come home immediately.

Tina on her own part was disappointed at the reaction she got; she expected drama, not a cool, calm response; and that only pissed her off the more. She had called Greg and told him what she had done and how his wife had reacted. “Are you even sure that woman loves you? She didn’t even flinch when I told her about us” Tina asked him acidly. Greg had no patience or time to answer Tina, his mind was filled with thoughts of what Anita must be going through. He suddenly realized what a selfish and deceitfully wicked man he had been, to a good woman, and as he drove home speedily, he made a mental note to break up with Tina, seeing as she was evil, malicious and mean.

By the time Greg got home, Anita had cried enough and had gotten a grip on herself. As he apologized, all she kept asking was “what did she do that I didn’t do? what strengths did she have that were my weaknesses? I have seen her, I am prettier than her, so why did you choose her?” Greg apologized and apologized until finally Anita gave room to her emotions and started to cry again, hitting and slapping Greg while at it. Greg took it all; he knew he deserved everything she meted out on him. He didn’t care about the sting on his cheeks or all the marks from her scratches; all he wanted was his wife’s forgiveness. It did take a while for Anita to forgive him, but Greg waited, apologized and tried to make up for everything. He dropped Tina like hot potatoes and severed all ties with her. He was going to work on his marriage, win back his wife’s trust and do everything within his power to keep her happy.

One sunday, Anita asked him again what prompted him to have a side chick. What did she do to him, that she, Anita didn’t. Reluctantly, Greg told her he had no excuse for cheating, after all, he was also imperfect himself, but Anita still stayed true to him. Anita rephrased her question to “how can I help you henceforth, to prevent you from cheating on me again?” Greg then told her that he needs her to sometimes act like his girlfriend, not his wife. He needed her to make time for dinner dates and late night hangouts while someone else can watch the kids for them. “You stopped making your nails and applying make up, after the kids came, and I can understand because of your schedule and stuff, but I wish you could find time to get those things done. On my part, I can stay with the kids on Saturday, while you go to the salon for all your beauty treatments. Then, I want to spend more time gisting about each other sometimes, rather than all of our conversations being about the kids and family projects. A lot happens in your day that I should know about, and vice versa.

So that was the side chick’s game? Anita was happy she now knew the code. Listen to your man as he talks about his day, leave the kids and house matters alone for a while, look good and attractive for him at all time, and make out time to go out with him often. Just like most good wives, who focus on running the home and raising the kids; wandering husbands quickly find willing mistresses outside to cater to their needs. The side chicks think they are winning, but the rules have changed. The wives know the codes now, and as able multi-taskers that women are, they are now able to keep the home front, have careers, raise kids and still keep their men happy. The wives are winning!!





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