The Little Surprises In Your Relationship That Matter!

Usually, when partners in a relationship get comfortable with each other, they begin to let go of habits that put the spice in their relationship. Over time, a relationship can become stale, due to the daily stress of living, but you can’t allow your love life to lie fallow due to the routine of life. A fantastic way to inject some life into our relationship is to spring some surprises on your partner. And who does not like surprises, especially pleasant ones from the one you love. A little spark will go a long way in creating memories that will last for a long time. Every time you recall it, a big smile comes to you face. There are many ways you can breathe life into your relationship. Shake things up a bit by introducing some ideas that will not only catch the attention of your partner but also keep it for a while.

Here are some fun-spirited ways to introduce surprise into your relationship and keep the fire burning:

Once in a while, dress up
I listened to a relationship tape once, where the speaker described a scenario where the wife tied a wrapper over already flabby breast while cooking in the kitchen but when they had a guest, she quickly went in to get dressed but as soon as the guests left, she was back in her usual wrapper. The truth is, a lot of couples are like that. Dressing to impress your partner just does not matter again but if you are looking to spice things up, then your dressing should be on top of your priority list. It need not be over-the-top but please forget the wrapper and definitely not his boxers. Dress as you would, if you were to have guests. If you want to wear Boubou, wear ones that show off your assets. You get what I mean?

Try something new
That might sound vague but I’m sure there is something you have wanted to try for some time, but have not. Why not do it together. You can start going to the gym, if you think both of you need it. Or you can go on a double date with another couple. That will definitely bring some good memories. The other couple can be people you are comfortable with, and even if they are not, they will give you plenty of fodder for discussion in days to come.

Get away from your normal life
I’m sure you want to do this. It is way easier than you think. It might be just for a night or the weekend, just for the two of you. The time out will work wonders for you. You will not have to deal with the stress of daily life and you will feel refreshed from your rest. Even more important, nothing will distract you from paying attention to each other.

468775285-man-wearing-eye-mask-in-bed-gettyimagesStart the day right
This will not cost you anything. Wake up and kiss good morning. That will not only make you bond and even lead to some early morning action, it will also start your day on a good note. You can bet that you will think about each other the rest of the day.

Swap chores
Yes, madam will not mind breakfast in bed once in a while. In fact it will make her day. Yes, dear sir, will be really happy if you can fill your car tank by yourself, instead of waiting for him. This need not be planned. The more spontaneous it is, the better it comes off. So, go with the flow.

Send a gift
This is one pleasant way to remind your partner; they are in your thoughts and put the spark in your life. You can send a gift to her office just because you can. It need not be on a special occasion or an expensive gift. Let it be random, let it be sweet. And for the lady, when you send him a gift, you are telling him with more than words, that you love him. Your gift boosts his ranking among the boys and that boosts his ego. And you need a man with his ego intact, so he can be your best man.

Hide a funny note in her wallet
If your partner is anticipating having a difficult or stressful day, jot down an insider joke that always makes you two lose it, and put it in his/her wallet-you know she has to check that during the day. Make her laugh when she least expects it, and you’ll be bonding while you’re not even together.
You will continue the bonding when you both get home from work.

Go commando
This is one for the ladies. It is an old trick that has worked more times than not. And men love it but might not come out to say so. They do. Nicely forget your underwear and mention it too when you are together on a date, or on the couch watching television and watch the speed at which you will be rushed home to the bedroom; off the couch to the bedroom and if no one is around, then you can catch your fun right then and there.

Jump in the shower with your spouse
This goes somewhere right up there with waking your partner with a good morning kiss. A Monday morning is a perfect time for this kind of surprise. Jump in the shower with him, while he is thinking about the start of the week, meetings and targets, you will provide him with a nice diversion, while also helping to reduce his risk of a heart attack. You ask what heart attack has got to do with what we are talking about. Well, a research found out that most heart attacks occur on Monday mornings.

For her, that will definitely be a good start for her week and give her something to look forward to at night.
So both parties benefit from showering together; after the romp, you can bathe each other. Fun time but watch it, so you don’t run late for work.
Hope you find these useful as you use the surprise element to breathe life into your relationship.


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