Taking Notes From EMPIRE’s Cookie Lyon


Cookie! Almost everyone’s favorite character on FOX’s hit series EMPIRE. During the break between season 1 and 2, fans made so fuss about wanting their Cookie back…and well, now she is back! With an even badder attitude than ever. Played by the talented and sultry Taraji P. Henson, Cookie is the matriarch of the Lyon family who helped Lucius put together the Empire Dynasty. Her mission after being released early from a 17-year prison sentence is to unite her broken family and reclaim the Empire Records throne. Her confidence is over the roof and commands attention…from those who love or hate her, as she unapologetically steals the show. Almost every woman wants to be like Cookie, so we have combined notes that we have taken from Cookie and want to share same with you. Enjoy!!

Note One: Own the room from the moment you enter it

Although Cookie left the game for a little while, she returned like she created the game, and she doesn’t fail to seize every moment. When she walks into a room, you pay attention. Whether it’s to her expensive ensemble, or her oozing confidence…she commands your attention. Success is a fusion of hard work and courage and Cookie would never let you forget that she is perfect blend of both. Dress gracefully, and when you enter into a room; let your presence be felt. Sometimes you don’t even have to say a word…your aura sends across the message. Of course, an important part of this, is that you must be well put-together; hair, nails, make up, shoes, cologne, purse. Everything must coordinate in a way that get heads turning in your direction. Just like her personality, Cookie’s dress sense is feisty and bold, so whether she is walking into a boardroom or through the prison yard, you know she is a fierce fashionista!

Note Two: Family First…Every-time


This one is probably a given, but in case you needed a reminder…family is one of the most important assets we have, that money cannot buy. Family is worth fighting for, and Cookie makes sure to remind us episode after episode that she is willing to stick her neck out for her family; even annoying Lucius. All season, she makes high and low sacrifices for her family and is dedicated to ensuring that everyone comes together again. That’s what life should be about…no matter what ambition drives you or how jaded life makes you, family should always come first..no matter what.

Note Three: Live an authentic life

And by that, we mean..stay true to who you are! Admittedly, there are times when Cookie’s authenticity gets a little overboard like when she went head-to-heard with Naomi Campbell and called her a cougar or the time she threw shades at Jennifer Lopez, but you know Cookie keeps it real. Who remembers this line “The name’s Cookie, ask about me”…that’s what we are talking about. The authentic life that takes no prisoners, but doesn’t apologize for being real. In a world with too many copies, you got to keep it real with yourself. No-one else would be better at being you, than you. Like the BET phrase…BE ALL YOU. Grow to that point when you are not afraid to show your strengths and to let your flaws shine through. Real people have flaws…so embrace your perfect imperfections.

Note Four: Temper strength with vulnerability


Whether keeping things steamy with her ex-husband Lucius, or working to regain the affection of Hakeem…her youngest son, Cookie is not afraid to show that those she loves means the world to her, and she is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. Being strong, resilient and independent doesn’t mean you should hide your feelings or be afraid to need someone. Everyone needs someone to love and trust. Take time who you let into your inner circle, because you have to be able to trust a few people  and let your guard down with them. Remember that flirting scene with Lucius when Cookie says if you want the cookie’s nookie, then ditch the bitch? Yes, she needs love and even Lucius knows how lonely she gets at time, but that doesn’t mean she is going to compromise her standards. Keep your standards as high as your heels, but don’t be scared to show your humane side.

Note Five: Move on when you need to

Cookie gave Lucius a chance to prove that he was changed, but when he proved instead that he was still a bad bad boy, she got over it-for good! We could all learn from that. Know the love that you deserve and accept nothing less. If he doesn’t treat you with respect, then he doesn’t deserve you. Even with her children, Cookie makes sure to demand that she be treated with respect. She knows her worth…even Hakeem shook and fell when she grabbed his chains and thundered All I want is some Respect! Life is too short to be a doormat. Don’t be the one ignoring all the signs and trying to convince yourself that it can work, when clearly the relationship is no good for you. A wise man once said, we only accept the love we think we deserve. Know your worth and place a demand to be respected!

Note Six: Understand the power of prayer

In one scene, Cookie is holding hands with her family over dinner and she prays God please, do not withhold your blessings..even from hoes who hire shanks to spy on me. Cookie understands herself and her weaknesses, and she is not shy to turn to Jesus in a moment of grief or need. When she can’t find the peace to forgive someone, she asks Jesus to do the forgiving. Like she once told Boo Boo Kitty that she hasn’t forgiven her yet, but she has asked Jesus to. Even a strong woman knows she can’t always depend on her own strength. Understand the place and power of prayer and never fail to turn to God’s throne room when you need refreshing or just want someone to listen. You can put up a fierce exterior to the world even with all the weight you carry inside you, but you can lay it all at the feet of the Master.






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