Should You Be Expecting a Valentine’s​ Day Proposal?


Even though Stella has been expecting a proposal for some time, it was still surprising the way and manner in which her beau, Molu, proposed. Molu had proposed on Valentine’s Day last year, at a really fancy restaurant, where some of her friends had actually been hiding in plain sight.  It was when he knelt down and popped the question, did she know that there were a lot of people in on her proposal and actually helped him to plan it.

The proposal was a dream come true for Stella, and so was her wedding which also held towards the end of last year. At the end of the day, being with her man was all that mattered, but thinking back, she felt there had been clear indications that her man was going to propose on Valentine’s Day.

Molu was a romantic, pure and simple.  He enjoyed romance at lot and that might have something to do with the fact that he was born in February, actually a few days to Valentine’s Day. He was the guy who planned dates, he was the one who enjoyed leaving love notes for her in unlikely places. He definitely enjoyed the moments when they snuggled together. He wanted to hold her hands in public, put his arms around her, and generally just make it known that he loved her both in words and in his action.

However, last year February, he was extra attentive.  And she had thought it was because of his 30th birthday which was coming soon, but Molu obviously had other plans. Asides from the gifts and the small party she threw for him, he planned the perfect birthday gift for himself, his proposal and the knowledge that Stella would surely say yes.

While they are going to be celebrating the first anniversary of their proposal this year, Stella shares some of the tell-tale signs that a Valentine’s Day proposal was imminent.

Your mom has become nicer to him:

For Stella, this was one of the very clear indications she should have picked up.  For weeks preceding the proposal, her mother and Molu were constantly talking on the phone.  If she was with either when the other called, she would be asked to put the other person on the phone. It seemed strange, but totally not out of place.

They liked each other but they were not communicating at the same rate as they were then.  Her mother certainly wasn’t talking to her about Molu and how much of a husband material he was either, until the weeks preceding the proposal.

The best thing about this sign is, you can pick up on it anytime during the year, provided you are paying attention.

He’s been very good about attending weddings:

True, there are guys who like turning up every weekend. If your man is not one of those and often complains about having to buy asoebi, take it to tailor, sew and then deck out in it at the appointed them, then it is easy to notice changes in his reaction to yet another wedding invitation.

If, all of a sudden, he is no longer complaining about dressing up for weddings and turning up, then he may really be planning a proposal, having acclimatised to your social life, wants to get a feel of the kind of wedding you would like and also show to your family and friends that he is really serious about you.


He’s made long-term money plans, and they include you:

Stella beats herself up over this a lot. Whilst they were dating, they were actually investing money together and had even registered a business using a combination of their first names.

Their lives were intertwined in so many ways, that a break up would have been catastrophic on many levels.  Thank God, they were able to move to the next stage of their relationship.

That is not to say Stella didn’t know she wanted to grow old with him, she just wasn’t expecting him to have popped the question when he did. But hey, he is a lover boy.


He is keeping his Valentine’s Day plans secret or vague:

For a guy who was a born romantic and had a history of outdoing himself, Molu was very vague about what the plans were for last year’s Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes, he would change the subject if Stella asked. At times, he would flippantly say, “we will do the usual.” This statement is even vaguer, because they had not celebrated Valentine’s Day the same way since they started dating.

One thing though, Stella trusted him to come through for her.  So, she went happily about her own merry way and got him a present as well as focused on planning his 30th birthday party.


He is suddenly become very responsible:

If you notice that, all of a sudden, your man no longer talks about going to hang out with his friends, he has started to turn up his nose at club hopping, drinking binges and other boys’ play, then your man is gradually shaping up to become the man worthy of you, and propose to you. Don’t keep him waiting.

He is spending a lot of time with your family:

Mehn, this is a dead giveaway.  If nowadays he comes around and sits with your parents and siblings, and they are swapping stories and laughing or just sitting to watch the TV like a family, he has got something up his sleeves, and that is the truth.

A man with no future will not comfortably sit down with the family of the lady he intends to waste her time and swap stories.

Hint: They may actually not just be swapping stories or watching TV, they may be planning your wedding…sorry proposal.


These are some signs that if you notice between now and February 14th, they almost always indicate this year’s Valentine’s Day is going to be a memorable one for you.

And if you notice these signs at any other time, just know that a proposal is imminent.

Sending lots of lovedust your way.



Kristine is a member of  The Lovelint team. She  is a down to earth person, who says it as it is. Having given relationship advice for years in a national daily, she has found out that fear is one of the main reasons holding people back from enjoying a healthy, happy relationship. She is married with kids and is willing to listen to you and help as much as you let her to.


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