Sexy Traits To Get You Noticed By The One!

Have you ever stopped to think about the reason why some women get more men chasing after them than others? And please don’t go down the route of spirituality with me on this matter.

What do you think makes a man prefer one woman above his buddies, his game, his family, so much that he wants to date her by all means, and while dating her, he is seriously thinking of marrying her? What do you think is the alluring thing about that woman that has attracted and held his attention?

I’m pretty sure, several people, who are married or in long term relationship never really give this a thought, they just feel like, it happened and that is it. But no, there is more to it. According to science, it takes 8.3 seconds for a man to decide he is interested in a woman and some 13 eye contacts later to talk to her. It is pretty basic the way a man’s mind’s works, if science is to be believed.

But all of that will not matter, if the attraction is not sustained. To keep the fire alight and keep things moving from dating to a serious relationship and then to getting engaged and finally to getting married, you need to exhibit some of these traits. If you have them, okay, if not, it is not too late to acquire:

Have a polished look

To snag the man of your dream, you need to have a polished look that’s true to you. Men are visual creatures. What they see matters more than what they hear and you will not have a second opportunity to make a first impression.

So, know how to put together stunning outfits that make plenty of sense, pay attention to your hair, as it matters too  and add some alluring scents to tease his senses but be sure that your shape will be the last thing, he would be looking at the first time you meet.

Be warm and approachable

This is the best thing any single lady who is looking to date, can do for herself. Putting up airs leads nowhere. Once you are approachable, a man is more likely to come and talk to you. It is now left for you to say yes or no, depending on what you want.

But if you are interested in a man, there are non aggressive ways you can show it and flash him the green light to go ahead with his lines, as you are more than ready to listen. An expert in the art of seduction advised that, ladies attracted to a guy can show it by their actions; from touching your hair to stealing quick glances at him, and even smiling at him, should he look in your direction. I think we have seen plenty of that in movies.

Be your own person

A lot of ladies make this mistake of thinking that men want someone that relies absolutely on them. No, a man wants a woman, who has a life outside of him and that is exactly what you should aim to show. That you have a complete life, with friends, family and social life that’s working and if he is interested in joining, he is welcome but your life is not incomplete without a man in it.

He will want to have more of you, because, he does not have to feel guilty for going away to do his own thing. After all, you are a big girl and can take care of yourself.

Maintain an air of mystique

There is nothing wrong with telling details of your life to a guy but please, don’t let it be the first time you meet. When you don’t start divulging all the details of your life to a guy, the air of mystery around you is increased. He wants to find out more and that is an opportunity to dish it out in bits, which will ensure, he keeps coming back; but you have to be careful, that you don’t lose his interest.

Be lighthearted in your attitude

Play appeals to a man a lot. Once a guy can play with you, gist with you and generally have a good time in your company, you can bet your last kobo that he will keep coming back. It does not matter what you do. The mere fact that he can be his real self with you is a guarantee for return visits. But then, if you were in his shoes, wouldn’t you want to be with someone you feel normal with?

That’s the start of a friendship which would hopefully metamorphose into a relationship but promise not to change into a serious person or worse, a shrew afterwards.

Don’t rush into sex

While that might seem old school, it does not work in your favour lady to give up the pie without a thought. Sex was the main reason he was attracted to you in the first place and that is the truth. He thought more of y0u as a sex object than a person. So you need to wait and let him come to the full realization that you are a person in your own right before, you a woman, who can satisfy his sexual cravings.

I hope I did not confuse you. When you mix sex into the deal, you dilute it and he loses interest in getting to know you better or trusting you. After all, he has what he wanted originally. So it’s your loss, his gain.

Again, good luck with the search!


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