Revenge: My boyfriend cheated, why can’t I?


You cannot even begin to understand the pain in my heart and please leave out the preaching, I’m not in the mood for it. This was not a case of being told that my boyfriend of two years cheated on me. I met him in action, firing on all fronts as he drove himself and his new girlfriend (when you have sex with a girl, they become your girlfriend automatically, don’t they?) to orgasm.

Now, you are probably thinking, how did I know, well I watched it all happened and even recorded it , so there would be no case of denial. I allowed them both to gather their wits around them, before I announced my presence, with a knock on the door I had already opened.

My boyfriend wished the ground would open up and swallow him. He had told me, he was going out of town that weekend and had even given me his spare key, in case I needed any one of my personal effects that were at his place.

Anyway, mister boyfriend was not going out of town after all, he merely had intentions to cheat on me with another lady. The reaction of the lady made it clear that I was the interloper in my boyfriend’s house. Wonder shall never cease!

Okay, as I was saying, my boyfriend leapt off the bed and ran towards me, saying, “it is not as you are thinking.” Hmmm! I wonder what else was there to think about again. It was pretty obvious that I was looking at a couple dripping with the afterglow of sex and I had witnessed the end part of the sex.

Ah, men! You cannot be trusted. I would never have found out, if not for the fact that I forgot one of my ICAN textbooks at his place and decided to pick it up, before heading for class that Saturday morning when God revealed the true colours of the man, I call boyfriend.

When I showed him the video I had made, as soon as I got in; he was surprised that I had the presence of mind to record him in action and I was a bit surprised as well. That is what social media can turn you to, even on issues that directly concern you, you will looking instead of acting.

I did not disgrace myself o. I just left and went back to my house, because I couldn’t possibly hear anything that any lecturer was going to teach in class, so I went home, slept and thought about the next step.

You know, he had asked me one time, what I was going to do, if I ever find that he was unfaithful to me, I had told him then, that I would be going ahead to have an affair, after I had had him have beaten up and I meant. He laughed and said I was a very mean girl o.

Well, that was exactly what I planned to do, I wanted to have an affair and nothing anyone would say will make any difference. In fact, I had just the person lined up to use for this revenge. Oh! It was so perfect; he was my ex and had been pestering me to give him another chance, for the whole of two years that I was with my current boyfriend. Why am I even still calling him my boyfriend sef?

Anyway, I thought, all I needed to do was give him a call and wait to see him running over to take me out. And, if I so much as hinted it, we would be having sex, after wards. It was almost a done deal. If there was anything that I missed about that relationship, it was the great sex. He was a baller in that department, except that he was also sharing himself up and down town.

I had it all sorted out in my mind, except he refused to have sex with me. He said he was no longer that kind of guy. He had changed. Excuse me! :shocked: What was he talking about? My sure banker ex just refused sex, wooh! Something must be wrong with me. My boyfriend cheated on me, the ex, that I thought to take revenge with rejected my advances, something must be definitely wrong with me.

I threatened him with the fact that if he does not have sex with me, then he can forget about a second chance with me. The guy was helpless but still said no; he was not going to get intimate with me. Instead he suggested I talked about what was bothering me with him. (Smh) What kind of advice would someone who cheated on me, give me on cheating, besides, I would never tell him that my boyfriend cheated on me, just like he did. No, I would rather be tortured. No deal.

Well, I have been going on since and you are probably thinking what is wrong with me and my need for revenge. My name is Bimpe and I’m newly single as my boyfriend just cheated on me. Years back, I would never thought about this, I’m from a strict Christian background, my mother would probably be turning in her grave with so many of the things that I have done with my life but I’m too far gone now to go back to that strict life.

Regardless of my background, the person I am right now deserves to be treated right. Twice, I have had boyfriends, who cheated on me; the first time, my ex cheated with one of my friends, which was a horrible betrayal and now this. I don’t think I can take more of it.

At least, for the sake of experience, I want to stand in the shoes of a cheat and know what it feels like to eat the forbidden fruit, knowing that I’m hurting someone by my actions and yet still do it. I want to know how easy, it was for them to blank out my thoughts from their head and get it on with another lady. May be, I can calm down, just may be.

But honestly, I just want answers to the pain that I’m going through.

So, don’t tell me I can’t, just tell me how… :anger2:


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