Physical and Non Physical Traits Women Find Attractive In Men 


A smile played around my lips, as I scrolled through my Facebook page and I saw the younger brother of a sister in my church, hailing his prospective brother-in-law for making a very beautiful choice in getting engaged his sister.

True, she is a very beautiful lady and in this particular picture that was posted online, the composition of the picture was just breath-taking.

When, I finally set my eyes on the man, who had captured her heart at their introduction. He’s not looking bad himself. He’s the classic example of that very popular description, most girls have of their dream husband; tall, dark and handsome.

Incidentally, before this young man showed up on the scene, I had known a boyfriend of this sister, who fitted this description, so, it’s safe to say, she has a type and it’s the tall, dark and handsome type.

With a wedding to be planned, we have had more reasons to interact and thus, even found out that there was more to this man than his looks, his sense of humour for one, his baritone voice that can carry any tune and here’s a fiancée, who can’t sing to save her life. Lol! But are they in love? Yes.

I don’t know their love story yet, (except that he saw her first and liked what he saw) but it will be revealed shortly. Meanwhile, I enjoy the unwrapping of the traits, both physical and non-physical that bind these two lovers together.

However, there are lots of traits that attract women to men and some of our members have been gracious enough to share what those are for them. They shared one physical trait and one non-physical trait.

At least, single eligible bachelors can glean some ideas of what women really want. Let me give you a hint, it’s not six packs, six feet tall or even six figures. Find out below:



Physical: I know it is a cliché that the “eyes are the window to the soul.” However, this cheesy line couldn’t be truer for me. Although, it’s a physical component of a person, eyes are much more to me.

When I meet someone, I’m most drawn to their eyes because eyes give you the most insight into the person without having to speak to them. You can tell a lot of things by reading other people’s eyes.

You can essentially see through the words of a person this way and read their intentions as well as the emotions bubbling underneath.

On a more physical level though, I like the person I’m dating to have ‘attractive’ eyes because I plan on spending a lot of time looking into them.


On the non-physical trait, I like intelligent guys, not pana sharp oh, just intelligence. Okay, so I may sound like a pompous person on this one, but I have dated some guys, who were way below my intelligence level, all because I was unsure of myself and suffered low self-esteem.

Ever since I’ve regained my self-esteem and confidence, I have stayed clear of such people. No offence to them but I was unable to respect things they believed in or said because they didn’t know enough to explain things in a way that made sense.

My current boyfriend is incredibly intelligent. I feel like we connect on a much deeper level because of it.

Dating someone on a different level of intelligence often led to me becoming condescending and arrogant toward them, but at least I can admit it. I like to date people with qualities that I respect and admire.

In this case, intelligence affects me more than it affects them, so for all our sakes, I stick to my efikos.




Hmmm! The honest truth is, I’m a very visually stimulated person. Once I like something or someone I like, it can be really hard to say no. Okay, you all now know my guilt secret.

I like arms that are well-defined, they just turn me on. I like strong shoulders, and working my hands on it.  I like to sometimes feel the testosterone of a guy pouring out of him, as he works out. These things speak to my base instincts.

It might be a throwback to my ancestors, the caveman days — a good, strong arm; strong shoulders will pull me up out of a hole (literally and metaphorically).

Cave man or not, it’s the way I feel.


A guy with a sense of humor will wins hands down any day, any time. The reasons, are not farfetched, I like to laugh at everything, and at myself, often.

To me, if a man cannot laugh at himself, then maybe he takes himself too seriously, perhaps, he will take me too too serious. That’s a dangerous combination from where I stand.

Life is funny, and I think you need to laugh at it to really enjoy life, and I want somebody that will enjoy it with me.

An aside, I can do without the rippling muscles and testosterone, as long as he has a sense of humour.


Pic 4


For me, a guy with a great smile is a winner. A beautiful smile on a guy is just so attractive because it portrays that he’s friendly and genuine, and I would be more attracted to a guy who is smiling than someone who isn’t. Wouldn’t you be? A smile is contagious.

For the nonphysical trait, nothing beats a guy, who goes out of his way to make you happy. It shows that he is always thinking of you and your happiness. I have seen that in the lives of some married couples and I’m so happy that it’s possible.

Right now, I’m looking forward to meeting that awesome guy, who is ready to die on top my mata. Of course, I’m willing to reciprocate that undying loyalty to my wellbeing.

See guys? What women want isn’t really rocket science. Simple stuffs and you get the girl of your dreams.

Happy fishing guys!

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