Music Therapy For The Broken Hearted 


Music is the food of the soul! Music is the one element of life that we can all relate to…In music, there is something for everyone. Oldies. Blues. Reggae. Punk. Soul. Jazz. Rap. Hip Hop. Classics. Gospel. Name it. There is also music for every occasion..when you are dancing down the aisle at a wedding reception; there is Tiwa Savage’s My Darling. When you just had a baby, there is Beyonce’s God Made You Beautiful. When your child is going away to college, there is Grace Knight’s I Hope You Dance. When you lose a loved one, there is Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again. Music says to our souls, the words that we can’t utter for ourselves. When the right song is playing at the right moment, we feel un-alone. We connect with the singer and feel every emotion with each rhythm and lyric.

I have always been a music lover myself, and back then in secondary school, my friends and I would learn lyrics of our favorite songs and sing them aloud as we walked home from school, or in class when a teacher was yet to show up. When Kenny and I broke up and I packed and bags and left for Abuja, music was my buddy. My elder sister had to leave for work and Isabella was too young to help me, so in a bid to get over the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and despair, caused by my broken heart, I had to lean on Gloria Gaynor’s “I’ll Survive”. That song was constantly on repeat and soon got me in a deviant survivor, girl-power mode. It helped me think about Kenny being the loser and me being better off for it. Some times, I even acted out the drama in the song as I sang along. Music was bae!

Getting over a breakup with music is as much of a good idea, as it must be a conscious action. You see, there are those songs that you do not need when you are just stepping (or tumbling) out of a relationship. They would depress the hell out of you. You know those songs? The ones that once you hear them, you start to weep and sob :cry: , wallowing in self-pity and asking ‘why me Lord?’. They bring to mind everything that sucks about your ex, your past relationship and damn well, your life. Some people like to wallow in self pity though; putting such songs on replay, thinking about the good kisses and bedmatics, staring at pictures of when they were sickeningly, blissfully, joyously happy while chewing on packs after packs of Lays or Pringles or M&M or Bounties or Toblerone or whatever unhealthy food it is, that seems to be so comforting. No, those are not the ones we are want to indulge in.

Thankfully, there is a truckload of empowering breakup songs. The kind I want you to listen to. These songs make you realize that you would be just fine. They help get back on your feet and inspire you to move on. Songs like this help you get up in the morning, dress up and make up and go out with a winning attitude. Songs like this have lyrics that get you to remember that you are better off without him or her, because he/she doesn’t deserve an awesome person like you and that, you would still find ‘the one’. With songs like this, you are assured of singing out like a psycho in your car, kissing yourself in the mirror, dancing in the shower and having a great karaoke time with your pals.

A list of some songs to create a playlist out of while getting over a breakup  are:

1. So what by Pink

2. Survivor by Destiny’s Child

3. You’ll think of me by Keith Urban

4. I’ll Survive by Gloria Gaynor

5. Irreplaceable by Beyonce

6. Better in Time by Leona Lewis

6. Picture To Burn by Taylor Swift

7. Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood

8.My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne

9. Take A Bow by Rihanna

10. The One That Got Away by Katy Perry

Feel free to add other songs to this playlist or check google for more suggestions. Be sure to listen to them in your car, in the shower, at the gym or wherever. You know I got you :)






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