Men’s Corner: 7 Things Mature Men Want In A Lady For Serious Relationship

Women often wonder about what it is that men really want from a woman. Apparently, we are biologically programmed to look for specific traits in potential mates, but science hasn’t yet found the real answers to what attracts one person to another. There is no one definitive answer to this question, because we are all different, but we can give you a top ten of traits that most men say they are looking for in a lady:

1. Honesty is still worthy of mention

You’d expect to see this one on the list, but it’s still worthy of mention. Men really rate honesty very highly on their lists of traits of the perfect lady and they’re pretty good at spotting a lie too. Many relationships are ruined because of lies, so it’s best to be truthful and open from the outset. After all, it’s what you expect from him too, right?

2. Men love mentally stimulating women

A real man is looking for a woman with whom he can hold an intelligent conversation. The dizzy blonde thing might get you noticed, but in the long run it is your ability to be an interesting person that will count.

3. She is happy with who she is and she is able to be supportive

Guys like to be needed and they like to be protective, but not every hour of the day. Men respect a girl who is happy with who she is, she has her own life, her own ambitions and who knows her own mind. A real man wants to be your boyfriend/husband, not your father, and he will be expecting you to support and take care of him when he needs you, as much as he can take care of you.

4. Sense of humor and shared sense of fun

You’ve got to be able to take a joke, as well as hand them one out to be a hit with a real man. A sense of humor is a must; a man wants a girl that will make him laugh and laughs at his jokes too. This shared sense of fun can make the difference between just a relationship and a great relationship.

5. Attractive, sensual, feminine charm

Guys love feminine charm and they love a seductive girl…remember, physical intimacy is never far from a man’s thoughts, so play to that with how you look and how you behave around a man you like; and don’t stop taking care of yourself and being attractive, even when you think he’s already yours, his stamina doesn’t tail off just because he’s in a long term relationship.

6. Spontaneity.

Life with her is full of surprises! Men can get bored pretty quickly, so don’t give your man an excuse to go looking elsewhere for his entertainment! Never let things get too predictable and comfortable, and keep the spark alive by trying new things, doing the unexpected. If life with you is full of surprises, then life is fun and interesting.

7. Men need to feel wanted

With all this independence that he expects of you, you’d think that he wouldn’t be in the slightest bit concerned about whether you really need him or not, but’s you’d be wrong. He needs to feel wanted and when you ask him to do something for him, it will bring out the alpha male in him quicker than anything. A real man wants to be a gentleman and he wants to look after his lady.

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