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The 18-month itch, the 11-year itch, and all the other countless itches that plague a relationship can leave you wondering whether any of us actually have a chance at maintaining a relationship without being cheated on, breaking up or even doing the cheating yourself. The truth is a lot of effort goes into getting your first date. Even more effort goes into turning that date into some form of relationship, but once we get into that relationship we get lazy. We tend to rest back on our laurels and allow the connection to decompose before our eyes.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Like every stage in a relationship there are a great number of things you can do to make it better and help it last. Too many people just allow relationships to happen to them and believe that some form of cupid magic will help keep it alive, with a false belief that if it doesn’t run perfectly then it just wasn’t meant to happen. If they would just take a small amount of time to invest some energy into the relationship they could not only keep it alive, but also help to make it into something that would last an incredibly long time. The guide below gives you a number of simple things you can do to help keep your relationship alive.

Good things don’t always have to end

It’s well known that the beginning of a relationship is the honeymoon period, a time where you take extra care about the other person, and everything is always wonderful. Then after a while this period ends and is replaced with petty arguments and boredom. This period doesn’t have to end; the cause for the change is actually a lack of energy being put into the relationship. After a while, typically a year or so, people begin to get lazy and stop doing the things that made it so special. Don’t be that guy! If you find yourself sitting in the same pub week after week with your girlfriend you know you’re doing something wrong. Take the time to actively keep the relationship alive.

If you have nothing nice to say think harder

Compliments are one of the first things to disappear from a relationship. It’s not always the case that we stop thinking of how wonderful our partner is, it’s just that we either forget to mention it, or start to take things for granted. No matter how beautiful she is, when you see her every day it becomes easy to forget just how special she is to you. Make sure that you give her regular compliments. Surprisingly enough women spend a lot of time working on themselves to make sure they look their best. When she takes the time to make sure you’re proud of how great she looks, take the time to tell her just how gorgeous she is looking.

If at first you don’t succeed try harder

Regular activities are the key to keeping relationships healthy. The problem is that many people try something once and then move on. Either they didn’t enjoy it the first time, or just forget to do it again. Most people think of a trip to the cinema as their only form of date. There is so much more to do from bowling, to go karts, to badminton at your local leisure centre to trips to the boating lakes to try your hand at rowing. Make sure you are constantly doing something with your partner. Finding new activities isn’t always easy especially if you live in a small village or town outside of a city centre, so don’t be afraid to revisit old ones, especially if you and your partner enjoyed them the first time around.

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