How To Make Mother’s Day Really Special For Your Wife


“Without women, this world would be black and white, blue even, and we would all be boring people. Everything will be parallel, no intersections, no meetings, just dry and drab.” Those were the words of a father of three, Tola, on Mother’s Day, as he attempted to eulogise women and the important role that they play in the survival of humanity.

He continued, “Thanks to women, we know colours like burgundy, cream, pink, red, sapphire and other. Women add colour, sweetness and so many blessings to our lives, and deserve to be celebrated.” He went on to share how his mother had died early, aged 47, to a curable disease and how he had thought it was the end of the road for him, until he met his wife, who had filled his life with so much joy and happiness.

So much colour in fact, and for Mother’s Day, he wanted to celebrate her in a special way, but had no idea what to do make that desired impact. For him and other men like him, here are a few tips and ideas that you can use to make the day a special one for the women in their lives.


  1. Let her sleep in

When was the last time your wife got a lie in? It was probably a time before she was a mom…or even a wife. For Mother’s Day, give her the gift of extra sleep. And to keep the family occupied in the meantime, you could try making some of her favourite meals for breakfast, or whatever it is that you can make. What matters is the fact that someone else, other than mom, is getting breakfast. If you have the time and inclination, you could try making some cards with the children to present along the breakfast to her.

Those really simple things are what melt a mom’s heart.

Who wants to melt some hearts? Try it.


  1. Turn the To-do list into a Done list


For most women, it is quite irritating to have household projects she had asked, even nagged you to do, but they are still undone. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to sort them out, once and for all, and there will be a reward come Father’s Day.

Apart from those major projects, you can also take over her daily to-do list; dishes, laundry, wash windows and toilets, make beds and sweep. On this most special of days, the woman in your life shouldn’t have to do any chores. Give her a book and a bar of chocolate, and tell her to go take a nap or take a walk while the family takes care of the house.

At least once a year, every mom should get this well-deserved break. Give her that break.


  1. Treat her to a spa day…in house or at a proper spa


See, all moms could do with some de-stressing, so a spa gift is always welcome, even if she went to one yesterday.

You could give her a spa experience at a nice place; massage, manicure, pedicure, facials, all the works. Come up with a basketful of her favourite products (lotions, makeup, hand soap, etc.), or do it in-house, with the help of your kids. While, it might not be as good as the professionals, it makes for a great bonding time. You can give her a massage, soak her feet in scented water, paint her nails, light some candles and just let her enjoy her day.


  1. Pray with/for your wife 


Ask her to share her needs with you. Hold hands as you pray for her. Look up Scriptures together, to encourage you both. Make time during the week to continue to pray for your wife. Share anything the Lord may say to you during those prayer times.

A praying couple stays together.


  1. Frame her favourite photos


Moms have tons of pictures of their children, and none of themselves. But how often do they get around to printing those out and displaying them?

It’s one thing on a mom’s to-do list that women never have enough time for. Take a load off your wife’s mind and delight her mommy heart by printing and framing a few family photos for her.

You will definitely win big with this one.


  1. Make a homemade card especially for her


Store-bought cards are lovely, pithy, funny and sweet, but they still can’t compare to a sticky, hand-folded card with fingerprint smudges that her child made for her.

The truth is, you can never go wrong with handmade or homemade gifts on Mother’s Day.

It doesn’t matter how untidy it looks, it will earn its place of pride on the fridge and stay there for a long time, before it moves to that place where moms keep their treasures.


  1. “I love you” notes


Moms know they’re loved by the look in their children’s eyes and by the touch of their husbands’ hands, however, it is not a bad idea to remind them of how much they are appreciated, too.

Take it as a challenge to write down the many reasons why you love and appreciate your wife, as a mom or just as a woman.

Then choose a creative way of presenting them to her. It could be all at once in diary form, create a digital collage, hide them around the house. Paste them on walls around the house, if she’s not fussy about her walls. What’s important is not the presentation, but the content of what is presented.

Sit back and watch her face light up. It is well worth your time.


  1. Please, no last minutes planning


This is something that happens a lot. Moms being asked the night before, “So what do you want for Mother’s Day?” Or “Was there anything special you wanted tomorrow?” At that point if there was something, it’s too late for you to go get it anyway, and now you’re basically asking her to plan her own Mother’s Day gift or celebrations.

Not nice at all.

Please for all our sakes, give it some thought.

Happy mother’s day to all the women in our lives.



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