Love & Money

ll_25I once attended a pre-marriage course at the Catholic Church I grew up in, the facilitator was speaking on money management and how it affects couples. After the very enlightening and funny class, the facilitator gave an assignment. Everyone was to get a copy of their bank statement and exchange it with their partner. The silence that fell on the class was deafening. Throughout the lecture, everyone had being laughing at the facilitator’s jokes and stories. Now, it was time to get serious. “What is the matter?” The amused facilitator asked. No-one answered; everyone was looking at each other with glances that ranged from “This man is not okay oh” to “oh well, I think I can manage it”. The facilitator had to go into another round of counseling. Most men were complaining about how they didn’t feel comfortable showing their bank statements to their partners. The ladies also were very uneasy at the exercise. Apparently, most of us there felt revealing our bank statements which clearly shows the inflow and outflow of funds from our accounts was a level of intimacy, we had yet to achieve. But think about it, why should we feel uncomfortable sharing our money details with someone we intend to marry?