How You know He’s Relationship Material

A recent acquaintance of mine narrated to me how a “toaster” had come unto her. From what she said this guy said, her body language and even own reaction, it was pretty clear, this guy was not worth dating, forget about marry, which had been his main reason. Fundamentally, it showed why this toaster was still single in his early 40s.

They had met a few months earlier courtesy of using the same cyber cafe all the time.  And practically from the first day, he had shown his attraction to her. It was not welcome but he persisted. Which is typical and expected of guys.

He talked a lot. He wanted to go on a date with her, he wanted her to come to his house. He wondered if she was a virgin. He spoke about how girls were always playing hard to get at first and then literally fall into his arms after a first date.

He even went as far as to talk about his and his brothers preferences in women. While he digs tall dark beauties, like himself,  (see conceit),  his brothers’ like fair skinned ladies, who were well endowed.

He was too all-knowing, he asked questions, he answered his questions.  He was not too interested in her life but how she would fit into his own.  The sole time, she told him about her goals for the year, he was affronted her and suggested, she changed it, as she was going to be married.

I had to ask, “Married to whom?”  We had burst into laughter at that.  This guy, even as old as he was, wasn’t some body to be considered for dating, forget marrying him. Unless, you were truly desperate or he was the only man available. Even then, you might be better off single. Yes, it’s that bad, unless he manages to change.

This guy prompted this article. It is not everyone that one dates, unless, you have plenty of time to waste, again, even if, you do, try to use that time to learn about yourself. Anyways, here are some pointers to show that, this guy is not worth dating  just forget marrying.

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