Jay’s Dating Diary: Ricky Is So Not My Type

27th May, 2016

Guy Profile

Name: Ricky
Age: 27
Height: 5.11
Occupation: Something to do with helping young people into employment.

How I met Ricky

I met Ricky on Plenty of Fish.com (pof). I was looking for a last minute date for this week’s date because I didn’t have enough time to arrange one after returning from the States. I didn’t want to have to go on pof because I don’t really like the site but the 2 people I had in mind for this week’s date weren’t available and my friend’s attempt to get one of his friends to take me out didn’t look like it was going to materialise either.

On Thursday evening I reactivated my pof account and received quite a lot of messages from hopefuls and I started a few conversations with some but after an hour of being on the site it didn’t look like I was getting anywhere so I logged out. Minutes later I received a couple of messages and I logged back on to read them. Two of the guys that sent me messages seemed quite decent so I spent some time communicating with both of them and another guy who was telling me off for what I wrote on my profile. He said I was contradicting myself because my Intent says: I want to date but nothing serious and About me says:
I understand that most people on this site are not looking for anything serious so if you are only looking to get intimate please move on to the next profile.

I totally understand why he thinks my intent and About me is contradicting but I also mean exactly what I wrote. I am only interested in dating and nothing serious and I want those who are looking for something intimate to move on to the next profile. I am not going to give myself away because I’m not looking for something serious. It’s clear that not looking for something serious means different things to different people. As this date is not about him I’m not going to go into details about the unfriendly things that he wrote to me. Readers please leave me a comment below if you are interested in the things he said because I think they’ll make an interesting debate.


Back to Ricky, because I needed a date for Friday or Saturday I really didn’t waste any time, so when Ricky wrote: ‘whats a pretty fish like you doing in a sea like this?’ in the second message that he sent me. I replied with: ‘I’m looking for a date for the weekend’ and his reply was: ‘Oh ok well im free tomo nite do you have a blackberry?’.  I gave him my blackberry pin and we communicated a little on that before he called me and we had a very nice conversation. He had a lovely deep voice and a nice sense of humour. I was very proud of myself for being able to get a date so quick. I’m liking the new attitude.


The Date

We had planned to meet at London Bridge at 8pm but we didn’t plan what we were going to do. I guess it was only right to continue the excitement by not planning to do anything in particular. Before our date I spoke to Ricky and he asked if we can meet at 9pm instead because he left work late. I didn’t give the best response but I tried to work with him. Long story short I ended up meeting Ricky after 10pm at my local overhead train station and we took a bus to Surrey Quays.

When we go to Surrey Quays I was really in the mood for Pizza but unfortunately they were closing, so we went to the next best thing, Frankie and Benny’s. Before we got to Surrey Quays I knew Ricky wasn’t my type and I felt my energy drop when he came off the train because he wasn’t my type. As he had made an effort and showed faith in me by coming to meet me after just meeting me the day before online I didn’t want to disappoint him and waste the night being less than happy, so I consciously brought my energy back up.


As he knew of my regular dating but not about my blog I didn’t feel the pressure of having to communicate with him after the date as I’ve felt with most of my past date. It made me feel more at ease and it felt real because I didn’t have to avoid saying anything and I could really relax and enjoy the moment. He made me show him my ID just so he could make sure I am the age I said I am. I tried not to get offended by it and found it funny at the same time. He told me he had a dog and showed me some pictures. When I told him I dislike dogs, he mentioned he shouldn’t have revealed that to me yet. He spent most of the date trying to convince me that I’ll like his dog and I spent just as much time telling him that I wouldn’t and I wouldn’t even want to bump into him and his dog, not to talk about purposely going to see him and his dog.


I think Ricky knew I wasn’t into him romantically and after I expressed my feelings about dogs I think any plans he had of us progressing in his mind went out of the window too. I hope we can be friends because I think we got on but there’s definitely no spark and I hope he finds a nice girl that’s into dogs.


That’s all for this week readers. Please leave your comments or questions below and I’ll post a reply as soon as I can.

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