Jay’s Dating Diary: Oversabi Morrocan Guy

4th March, 2016

Guy Profile
Name: Mo
Age: 24
Height: 5:10
Occupation: Engineering student/ Tour guide
Location of date: Marrakesh, Morocco

How I met Mo

I met Mo on a road not far from the hotel that my friends and I were staying in Marrakesh. On one sunny afternoon my friends and I decided to get some bottled water from the store that we were told was just behind our hotel; instead of the journey to take about 15 minutes max we found ourselves walking back to our hotel almost an hour later with no bottled water because we were given conflicting directions by the locals, who I believe did not understand what we were looking for. As we were walking back to our hotel, I saw a young Moroccan guy, who looked friendly and approachable, so I decided to try once more to get the correct direction to the store. Unluckily for me he spoke very little English and could not make a sentence in English. As my French was just as bad I called my friend over because her French was a little better than mine and with sign language we were able to explain what we were looking for to the guy, whose name is Mo, and he kindly took us to the store.

After we finished buying the bottled water and a few other things, we thanked Mo and as we were about to turn to make the journey back to our hotel, Mo turned to me and showed me a leaflet that had an excursion on it and asked me if I wanted to go to it with him. I looked at the leaflet and told him that I couldn’t go anywhere without my friends and therefore couldn’t go with him. As I was about to turn to catch up with my friends who had walked ahead to let Mo speak to me alone, he stopped me and told me that I could bring my friends along with me. In delight I called my friends and told them what Mo had said and they too excitedly accepted the offer and we agreed to meet Mo in front of our hotel at 8pm that evening.


The Date

At 8pm sharp, Mo arrived with the bus driver and an English couple who were going on the excursion with us. On our way there Mo and I didn’t speak much because I sat at the back of the bus with my friends. When we got to our destination Mo pretty much left me with my friends to allow us to enjoy what was on offer and I got really involved with the Moroccan people who were playing drums and singing and dancing on our arrival. After we had eaten and danced with the Moroccans, everyone who was on the excursion sat down around a big showground. I sat in between my friends and Mo. The show was really good and we all laughed, clapped and displayed all of the variation of emotions often seen at outdoor shows.

At the end of the show Mo and I walked together towards our tour bus and left my friends behind to take pictures. Whilst we were walking Mo and I tried to get to know each other by asking each other questions. After a couple of questions we struggled to communicate any further because he didn’t understand me, I didn’t understand him and we were both unable to convey what we were trying to say to one another. After a few unsuccessful attempts to continue communicating we gave up quizzing each other and just walked. Mo decided to put his hand around me because I think I must have looked like I was cold. As we walked I felt his hand move lower behind me. For a few seconds I was wondering what he was doing but thought he was just looking for a comfortable position to put his hand, so I didn’t say anything and kept on walking. As we continued to walk the hand just kept on going lower and lower. As it was just about to land on my bum I turned round and said: ‘I’m going to find my friends’. I didn’t care if he understood what I said or not. He made me feel really uncomfortable by doing that and I didn’t want to be next to him anymore.

I made sure I didn’t show that I was upset by what he did because I didn’t want to cause a scene and I would have just ended up frustrating myself if I had approached him to tell him of my disappointment because he may not have understood me. On the way home I sat with my friends again and didn’t say a word to him. When we got to our hotel he gave me a sheet containing his number, email address and facebook name and asked me to add him on facebook. I took the sheet and thanked him for the day and went up to our hotel room.


After the disappointing move that he made, I can whole heartedly say I have no intention of contacting Mo or being friends with him on facebook. I think what he did was totally unacceptable and he ruined the good thoughts that I initially had of him. Even though we both knew that nothing was going to come of our date, he could have at least remained a gentleman and then maybe we could have become facebook friends.


I guess I can’t expect all of the guys that I go on a date with to be decent human beings. I’m back in London now and I hope date 6 will be more respectable and promising.


As always readers’ thanks for reading date 5, if I’ve missed out anything please leave me a comment below.


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