Jay’s Dating Diary: My Date With Curtis Was So Good I Want A Second Date With Him

18th March, 2012

Guy Profile
Name: Curtis
Age: 24
Height: 6.2
Occupation: Music Producer/ Product Design Student

How I met Curtis
The same friend that introduced me to Ricardo told me that she had another guy that I might be interested in. She described him as talkative and nerdy looking because he wears glasses. I didn’t mind because 26 dates is a lot of dates so I can’t afford to be picky.

From what I gathered from what my friend told me and Curtis himself, my friend’s ex, who is close friends with Curtis told Curtis that I like him and gave him my name to search for me on facebook. When he found me on facebook after several different attempts at spelling my name because he was given the wrong spelling, he added me and also asked my friend for my blackberry messenger (bbm) pin and he added me on bbm too.

Communication duration before talks of date
After I had confirmed his request on bbm and facebook we pinged each other that very day and the following days. Our conversation was flowing quite well on bbm so I mentioned he should call me so that we can speak properly. After sending him the message stating that he should call me, I patiently waited by my phone for his call for about 5 minutes and then I thought: ‘oh, this boy does not have my number’. Even though we had only been communicating for 2 days on bbm, I felt very much like I knew him already and felt as though he had my number.

I sent Curtis my number and he called me pretty much right away. I told him how I assumed he already had my number and my waiting by the phone for his call. It was a nice ice breaker even though we didn’t need one because as I said it felt like we had known each other for some time.  When he called me I was about 7mins away from finishing an episode of Take Me Out online. Instead of being a nice attentive person I decided to multi task and I tried to finish the episode whilst talking to Curtis on the phone for the first time. (Aside – I wouldn’t advise this at all because not only will you sound as though you are not completely interested in the conversation, it’s also quite rude.) Even though I was being responsive on the phone, I could feel that I didn’t sound completely interested and I told Curtis what I was watching, how many minutes left of the show to go and apologised for watching it whilst on the phone with him. Conveniently he said it’s fine, he had something to do anyway and will call back.

I didn’t hear back from him that day. I pinged him the next day and asked what happened as he didn’t call back. He apologised and everything was all gravy. I believe that same day or maybe the next day he asked me if I was busy, I said no and he asked if it was ok to call and I said yes. He did and we had a very nice conversation and we conversed for over an hour. After that we went back to communicating via bbm the days that followed.

Less than a week after we were first introduced, on a Monday I asked him if he’d like to go for some drinks or a nice meal later in the week. He said yes but will let me know when he’ll be available. Two days later and he still hadn’t mentioned anything about his availability. On the Thursday of that week, during my lunch break, I sent him a ping asking him if he was free on that day or Friday evening. He replied saying I’m free now. I was quite puzzled because I didn’t understand how he could expect me to meet with him around midday on a weekday when he knows I work during the week and I’m at work at that time. Anyway I replied back saying I’m at work and he said he was busy in the evening, so I asked him about the following evening and his reply was: ‘Not 100% sure. ( I must sound like a dick…)’. I told him he didn’t but he sounded busy.

At this point I could have easily thought this guy is not interested in seeing me but because of my dating marathon I don’t think those types of thoughts. I probably would have if I wasn’t doing this marathon. I find that I don’t get offended easily by guys turning me down. Hours later he pinged me and asked if I was free at 20:30 that day and if I could meet him at Waterloo. I didn’t have any plans that evening so I quickly responded and it was a planned date.

The Date
I arrived at Waterloo around the time that we had agreed to meet and waited in McDonalds for Curtis to find me. About 5 minutes later he called me and before I knew it I saw him walking towards me. He looked just like his facebook pictures so I wasn’t disappointed by what I saw. Even though my friend had described him as nerdy, I didn’t see that. I thought his glasses made him look intelligent and I think he is facially attractive but is on the thin side.

Before I got to Waterloo, Curtis had told me that we’ll be in a bar with two guys that he was having a meeting with for about 20 minutes so I had expected to be in the midst of 2 other guys at the beginning of the date. When Curtis got closer to me we said hi and he apologised for the fact that we were going to have 2 people with us. Out of nowhere somebody else appeared and started apologising to me for taking Curtis’s time and said we were going to go over to London Bridge and meet 2 of Labrinth’s sisters who are up and coming artists because they are interested in meeting Curtis as they could possibly work with him in the future.

We went to a bar/restaurant in London Bridge. Labrinth’s sisters and a Graphic Designer joined us there. The guy that Curtis came with to Waterloo introduced everyone and we all spoke and one of the sisters and the Graphic Designer had a meeting.  After about 30 minutes Curtis and I went upstairs to the restaurant. We ordered food and got to know each other. The conversation went well and before we knew it the restaurant staff turned off the music that was playing, they made the lights brighter, they started packing away around us and putting up chairs. The two other people that were still in the restaurant got up to leave, leaving just us. We took the cue from there and got ready and left there to look for somewhere else to go. As it was Thursday, the only place that was still open around 23:30 was ALL BAR ONE. After about 15 minutes of being in there they also stopped playing music and made the lights brighter, luckily for us this time there were still a lot of people left in the bar, so we were able to stay in there for another 20-30 minutes before they started telling people to leave.

As it was just past midnight I was getting tired and I don’t think there was anywhere else to go, so Curtis walked me to the bus stop and waited for my bus. When the bus came we hugged and  parted.

I didn’t have butterflies in my stomach but I thought the date went well and I wouldn’t mind seeing Curtis again.

Readers I want your opinions. Even though I said I would avoid going on second dates with the guys that I’ve already been on a date with in my intro blog, do you think I should go a second date with Curtis?

Please say ‘you should’ if you would like to read about a second date with him, even though it may not be date 7 and say ‘you shouldn’t’ if you don’t care to read about Curtis a second time. If I get 5 ‘you should’ and if it is more than ‘you shouldn’t’ I will go on a second date with Curtis and blog about it.

You don’t need to be registered on blogger or have a Google account to vote. I have made the comments open so all you need to do is click comment below, add comment, type in: ‘you should’ or ‘you shouldn’t’ and click publish. You don’t even have to leave your name.

That’s all for this week, please feel free to leave additional comments below or questions if there’s anything that you’d like to know that I didn’t mention.


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