Jay’s Dating Diary: The Introduction

Welcome to My dating year!

My name is Jay and I have decided to live a little on the edge by embarking on a year full of dates. If you don’t know me personally or if I don’t usually open up to you, welcome to a part of my life that’s about to go public (the thought of this scares me and even writing about it terifies the socks off me because I know that once I have declared something I have to stay true to it).

Before I introduce what my blog will be about, if you haven’t already figured it out, I want to talk about my reason for doing this. The idea of this blog came about because of a number of conversations that I’ve had with some people.

Earlier on in the month, I went to a very posh but over-priced restaurant in Liverpool Street, London, with a close friend and a group of people that she knows for her 23rd birthday. At the restaurant I sat next to a very lovely married couple. I had previously met the husband but not the wife. Anyway the wife and I really hit it off and she asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said: ‘No, but there’s a boy that I like’. She asked me if I’d be interested in a guy that she knows and I said: ‘yes, why not, we can go on a blind date’.

A couple of weeks later, I was working at a temp job with a number of people who I had previously temped with. As we were having one of a number of personal conversations, as we usually do, I mentioned that I was going on a blind date. As the temp role was only for a couple of weeks, I knew I wouldn’t be able to update them on how the date went. Right then and there the idea popped into my head. As I am a person who loves to run with an idea, I felt it was something I had to do. Not only could I update my friends but I can actually learn from the experience and as a result advise people on the real do’s and don’ts of dating.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought of the positive outcomes that this challenge will bring to me and my readers. After 5 jobs at 3 different companies, I’ve come to realise that a lot of people, women especially are looking for Mr Right. Some people are doing something about it by dating and putting themselves out there whilst others make absolutely 10% – 0% effort towards finding that special person. I am not by anyway suggesting that dating is the only way to find Mr Right, but regardless of how you find him there’s still an element of dating involved. Very few people go straight into marriage without spending the time to get to know each other.

So what my blog will provide is a platform for me to share my experiences; which can be used as a base for anyone who feels apprehensive about dating or who usually approaches dating a certain way and has not been successful and wants to understand a different approach to a number of the scenarios that will come up during my many dates.

My plan is to go on at least 1 date a fortnight; mostly first dates as opposed to second dates with people that I’ve already been on a first date with. I may go on second dates but I will keep the second dates to a minimum. Readers – feel free to suggest datees that I should go on second dates with.

I do understand that things may get complicated if I meet someone that I like. I promise that I will stay true to my challenge and continue my dates, even if I meet someone that I’m interested in and vice versa. I will of course let him know about the challenge and continue my challenge as normal.

I am really excited about my dating year and I hope to provide you, the reader, with interesting and beneficial reading.

I’ll see you soon, when I’ll post my first dating entry :)


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