Jay’s Dating Diary 9: Austin Got Me Feeling “Somehow”

29th April, 2012
Guy Profile
Name: Austin
Age: 27
Height: 6.00
Occupation: Personal Trainer

How I met Austin
I met Austin on plenty of fish.com (POF), a free dating site. We got to know each other through messages and the instant chat feature on the site before becoming friends on facebook. Anyone who has used POF knows that it is not a serious site to look for genuine love.

I first went on the site last summer when a friend sent me a message telling me to join the site. As the site is free I thought I had nothing to lose so I joined and a lot of guys showed interest in me right away; which was very flattering but after a while the messages all become so similar that it wasn’t pleasing anymore. I met a guy who I thought I may be interested in even though he was below my height preference. He seemed nice and looked decent so I thought I’d give him a chance. We went on a date and the date was great and I thought things would go uphill from there. Unfortunately I was wrong as he was a rare species who lacked common courtesy and stood me up on what was supposed to be our second date and never gave me an explanation, instead he almost blamed me for his odious behaviour.

After that hideous experience I gave POF another chance but was fed up after some weeks and hid my profile because I was unable to delete my account and I continued to receive the weekly messages that are sent to all POF members.

In February when I was in need of more ways to meet guys for this blog I made my profile visible again, but because of my previous experience my profile status was not as friendly as when I first joined so I didn’t get as much messages as before, but I still received an average of 3 messages a day. I just weren’t attracted to the majority of the guys who sent me messages. There were a few that I thought were attractive but this time round I was sceptical so whenever I got an impression that I didn’t like from conversing with a guy I would simply cease from communicating further.

When I received a message from Austin in early March I thought I would read it like most of the messages that I receive and not reply or just send a polite reply just to show that I have acknowledge his message and leave it as that even if he replies, especially as his main profile picture looked like a mug shot. Instead I read his message and I thought it was nice and I replied. I looked at his pictures and I thought ‘huum, actually he is not bad looking and he doesn’t look like a criminal in the other pictures’. When he replied back I was more than happy to go through the messaging process with him until we became friends on facebook.

Before we became friends on facebook we spoke about going on a date but after a while it didn’t seem like the plan would materialise but I didn’t give up hope even though I knew he had gone on dates with other girls from the site and knew that there was a high chance that he was still dating other girls. I thought even if it takes months to go on a date with him I don’t mind. I still had months before the end of my dating challenge so I could afford to be on the back of his mind and not the forefront, so I just had menial chats with him on facebook so he won’t forget about me.

The date
Whilst we were having one of our regular menial chats, rock climbing came up and we planned to do that as a first date. Our communication level still didn’t increase and right until the day of the date I didn’t speak to Austin on the phone, so I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t show up. To my surprise he did even though he turned up about 10 minutes after me and he looked very handsome. Me on the other hand, I had leggings and trainers on. I thought it would be best to dress in what I was going to rock climb in and change to something better after; which I had in my bag. I looked as cute as I could look without heels on but I didn’t feel as good as I usually feel when on a date.

When we got to the rock climbing place we were told that they couldn’t let us rock climb because we hadn’t done it before and we should call in and book a session for beginners. To be honest I wasn’t disheartened and Austin didn’t seem to mind either. I suggested we look for a bar instead and took him on a detour of London Bridge and Tower Bridge in search of a nice bar. Fortunately after about half an hour or more of walking we saw Abbey which I knew was a good bar because I had been there before. To our surprise it was very packed. I have never before seen so many people in a bar and I became really hot quickly and asked to leave. We went to the next bar that looked good and again it was full of people and was just too much for me to handle so we left and we found another one which was quieter but not as nice as the other two.

We ordered some drinks and I took my trainers off and wore my heels instead because that’s what I feel more comfortable in and he was very keen to see me in heels too. We spoke for some time until I had to leave to meet with my friend who was staying over at mine. Honestly nothing spectacular happened on the date but I enjoyed getting lost with him and not having a clear idea of where we were going. I felt like I could be myself with him and most of all he had a sense of humour; which I really appreciate. He behaved like a big kid at times but I thought it was cute and when we were at the bus stop waiting for my bus, he kept lifting me up like a kid every time we went to hug and I kept telling him to put me down. I thought that was cute too and on my way home I felt like singing and dancing because I actually really liked being with him and I felt how I use to feel after seeing a guy I like when I was in my mid teens.

I really hope to see him again but I feel that because most of the guys that I’ve been on dates with liked me and I didn’t feel the same way Karma might just kick in and he won’t like me as much as I like him.

That’s all for this week folks. Please leave questions and comments below and I will respond as soon as I can.



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