Jay’s Dating Diary 14: The Date Was Fun And Even Though It Rained A Lot

20th July, 2012

Guy Profile
Name: Isaiah
Age: 23
Height: 6.0

How I met Isaiah
I met Isaiah through the same friend who introduced me to X (new readers please refer to date 4 to read about my encounter with X). When my friend first told me that he had another friend who was interested in going on a date with me, I think I said: ‘I’m not really interested in your loserish friends, kmt’.

His response: ‘this friend is of a different level to you’.

My response: ‘what do you mean, a higher level or a lower level?’

His response: ‘A higher level of course.’

I was so offended. If I was a cartoon character you would see steams coming out of my ears. I tried to let the comment slide and not be affected by it and luckily for him the comment didn’t affect our friendship.

Weeks later I was in need of a date and I spoke to this same friend about my need. Whilst speaking, he called the friend of his that he claims to be on a different level to me but unluckily for me he was out of town. At this point I wasn’t really fazed by my friend’s comment, I just needed a date and I was more than happy to go on a date with the friend had he not been out of town. A week or more later I met Isaiah and my friend asked me what I thought of him. I responded with: ‘he’s alright’. What I really meant was: ‘I think I like what I see and yeah I would like to go on a date with him’. I didn’t want my friend to know that I felt that way because how dare he tell me that his friend is of a higher level than me, smh (shaking my head – to those of you who aren’t familiar with the abbreviation), kmt.

Another couple of weeks went by and I saw Isaiah again. This time I didn’t really pay much attention to him and I felt myself coming across as unfriendly because of that. For some reason the picture of me being unfriendly kept playing over in my head, so I asked my friend to apologise to him on my behalf for not being friendly. The feedback was: he wasn’t offended and he said it’s cool. The following day my friend sent me Isaiah’s number so I could arrange a date with him. I whatsApped him that very day but we didn’t arrange the date until about a week later.

The date
At 21:00 on a Saturday Isaiah whatsApped me to let me know that he was outside my house. I was impressed because I told him to pick me up at 21:00 and not to be late. I on the other hand wasn’t ready so I asked him to give me 10 minutes. About 15 minutes later we got in his car and he drove to the West End so we could find a restaurant to eat in. I insisted that we should go to Vapiano because the food is nice there. I wasn’t quite sure how to get there because I had only been there once before and my sense of direction is not usually very good. Although he was hesitant about us going to a place that neither of us knew how to get to I was able to convince him to trust my instinct and we got there without taking a wrong turn. Tap on my shoulder!

I recommended Carbonara to Isaiah and was going to get the same thing as I had that the last time I was at Vapiano but he said I shouldn’t, I should try something else so I got Scampi instead. Whilst eating and laughing etc I found myself mimicking his body language. I immediately tried to get myself out of the trance I was in because I personally think that is just too much of an indication that I like him. Don’t get me wrong – I want him to know that I like him but mimicking him shows that I really really like him. I don’t think he caught on though. At least I hope he didn’t.

After our meal we went to Tower Bridge because I mentioned that we should head that direction for a really nice bar called Abbey. Like Vapiano, I know where Abbey is, I have the image in my head but I don’t know how to get there. I forgot to tell Isaiah this before we got to Tower Bridge, so he just ended up parking on a side road so we could go to a place that we saw whilst coming off the bridge. When we got there the set-up by the entrance was the same as a club and we were told it’s £10 to get in. I was a bit confused so I asked one of the guys at the door if it was a bar or a club and he said it’s a club. I was ready to walk back out, but because Isaiah didn’t want to go back in the rain he said we should just go in so I paid for both of us.

When we got upstairs it was clearly a club but not just any club, it was one for middle age people. They were very welcoming and very willing to mingle but the music weren’t to our taste and it was far from what we had in mind. Isaiah bought us drinks so we could drink and talk but the music was just too loud for us to have a conversation. To make things more interesting Isaiah suggested that we should go to the bar and order drinks that we didn’t recognise. We ordered a drink that we weren’t sure whether to drink as a shot or a regular drink. Then Isaiah asked the bar man to be creative and make us something of his choice. He did but Isaiah didn’t like it. I thought it was ok. We went back down to where we previously sat and the alcohol started kicking in for me and I started behaving like someone who had had one too many. I tried to convince Isaiah to get up and dance with me but instead he said I sounded drunk and he was going to take me home. He got up to use the loo before we left. By the time he got back I was dancing with a lady who asked me to dance with her. He must have thought this girl is a nutter. As soon as I saw him I said goodbye to my dancing partner and he dropped me home. I got home at 2am.

I think the date was fun and even though it rained a lot I wouldn’t change anything about it.

That’s it for date 15 and an end to this era of just going on dates just so I can blog about them. I want someone special in my life now so make sure you check out my blog next weekend to find out what the new era is all about.

I want to thank all my loyal readers for your continuous interest in my challenge and thank you to everyone who’ve read my blog. I’m very happy with the 4,228 pageviews that I’ve had to date.

Thanks for reading My dating year – date 15.


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