Jay’s Dating Diary 13: My Mystery Date

22nd June, 2012

Guy Profile

Name: ?

Age: 28

Height: 6.2

Occupation: Carer

How I met ?

I met ? on Plenty of fish.com (pof). He sent me a lazy message which I believed and he confirmed he sent to a number of girls in hope of receiving messages back from some. I don’t usually respond to people who can’t even be bothered to make some effort with the message that they send and I didn’t want to respond but I had a look at his profile and I liked what I saw. I was also curious to learn more about him because he sounded as though he was new in town, so I sent him a message asking him how long he’s been in London and as I thought he has only been here for 6 months.

In the third message that he sent me he included his contact details. I went for the option of adding him to my blackberry messenger (bbm) contact rather than whats App, so he won’t have my number until I was ready to give it to him. We communicated quite a lot over the first few days and I was really looking forward to meeting him. As this week was very busy for me at work we agreed to meet at the end of the week. The plan was to meet at Starbucks because he said he didn’t have much money at the moment because he’s trying to find his own place so he can move out of his cousin’s. Honestly I didn’t mind going to Starbucks because I felt as though I was starting to like him because he just seemed like such a nice match for me on paper so I was very understanding of his situation; as I am when I like a guy. I’m not so tolerant and understanding with guys that I don’t like.


A few days before we met, it started getting hard to get through to him. It didn’t take more than a day for him to respond to my messages but the conversation wasn’t flowing fluently anymore and even to set the time and actual location to meet felt like a chore rather than something exciting that both party wanted to participate in. When I messaged him last to finalise what we were doing, I felt like I was in that mood that some people get in when they have to do something with someone that’s pissing them off. The tone of my message, I felt was almost as though I was saying: here’s the details, it’s up to you when you read it just stop wasting my time, kmt.


The date

As you’ve probably already gathered there was no date. Mr ? messaged me a few hours before the assigned time of the date to say he had made other plans for that same time and I shouldn’t be angry with him and we should reschedule. I called him. His phone went to voicemail and I left a message and I haven’t received a reply. I pinged him. He saw my ping and changed his display picture on bbm and didn’t respond. I sent a final message saying ‘I take it you don’t want to meet anymore’. As far as I’m concerned I’ve done the best I can. I hate when people make me feel as though I’m bothering them. If not for my blog I wouldn’t have been as bothered to get in touch with him. I’m so pissed that he left it to the last minute. That doesn’t give me enough time to find a replacement date. What a time waster, KMTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I don’t really know this guy, I can’t really give him a piece of my mind and he also doesn’t know about my blog so he wouldn’t understand my aggressive reaction to him cancelling the date. Rationally, sometimes things happen and people have to cancel plans that they’ve made or in this dating situation he probably just didn’t like me; which is one of the expected possibilities. The irrational side of me that cares very much about my blog is not so understanding right now and it wishes I could give this guy a piece of my mind without sounding crazy. Unreliable people really piss me off. I’ve vented enough now and I’m going to continue my dating journey and not let this situation affect the dates to come.


That’s it for date 13.


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