Jay’s Dating Diary: Third Date With Ricardo

Guy Profile

Name: Ricardo
Age: 22/23
Height: 5.10/5.11
Occupation: Sales Assistant

How I met Ricardo

I asked a friend of mine to introduce me to a single friend of hers and Ricardo happened to be the guy that was single and interested in me after seeing my picture.

Communication duration before talks of date

Ricardo and I communicated with one another sporadically for about a month and even less the week before I went on date 2.  I suggested we go for a drink to make up for not being very responsive for a period of time.

Trying to communicate with more than one guy at a time is not easy at all. Luckily because of Blackberry messenger (bbm) I haven’t mistakenly called anyone by the wrong name so far and because I’m still at the beginning of this challenge I don’t have a lot of names to remember.

Pre-date thoughts of Ricardo

Most of my communication with Ricardo was through bbm so I didn’t really know what his voice was like for a while. He seemed cool. At the start I made an effort to keep his interest but because I had other things to do in my life and John to communicate with I made less effort after about 2 weeks. As I didn’t speak to him on the phone until a week before our date it was quite difficult for me to get a clear sense of what he is like as a person.  I did however get the impression that he was getting quite irritated by me at one point because he tried to engage with me on bbm a few times and I didn’t respond or I just gave a few words answers  so eventually he just stopped making an effort.

If I was in Ricardo’s shoes and a guy didn’t make an effort to communicate with me I would either think that the guy is not into me and try to leave him alone like Ricardo did or I would really question why he was not making much of an effort to try to get to know me and probably approach him to find out why. As I had not met Ricardo I think my inconsistent effort in getting to know him is understandable but I felt bad before I met him because he seemed like such a nice person that didn’t deserve to be played with.

Pre-date arrangement

Ricardo chose Browns at West India Quay because he likes the restaurant. We arranged to meet outside of Canary Wharf underground station at 8pm because that’s where he initially thought the restaurant was.

The Date

As usual the guy was on time and I was late. I just want to say even though it seems like I have a habit of turning up late to dates, I’m really not like that. It usually takes me 20-30 minutes to get to Canary Wharf from my house. What I usually do is walk to my nearest underground station and within a few minutes on the tube I’m there. On the day of the date I decided to get a bus to my local underground station. Unluckily for me 20 minutes later I was still waiting for the bus when Ricardo called to tell me he was at Canary Wharf station. I felt so bad when I had to tell him that I was still near my house. I could tell from his voice that he was slightly pissed by it but he was very nice about it and said he could wait for me or we could meet at West India Quay. I asked him to wait there for me because I’m not very good at finding places and I knew that if he didn’t wait there for me I would be even later trying to find the restaurant.

When I got off the phone with him I waited for another 5 minutes and the bus still did not arrive. The thought of having to walk to the station after waiting so long in the cold almost brought tears to my eyes.  I had to swallow the pain and just walk to the station because I just could not risk waiting another 20 minutes for the bus when I knew Ricardo was waiting for me.

As I walked towards Ricardo at about 20:30 all I could do was smile and say sorry over and over again. I could tell from the look on his face that because I seemed genuinely sorry, which I was any negative feeling that he had because of my lateness went away immediately.

He was surprisingly taller and cuter than I thought he would be. I already knew from our telephone conversation that he didn’t have a deep voice so that wasn’t a shock. Even though he had jeans on he was dressed better than Ray and John. I can’t remember what type of foot wear he had on but it wasn’t trainers. I would definitely remember if it was. The shirt he had on was good enough for a date.

We got on with each other right away; it felt as though we had known each other for some time. Ricardo had a – what you see is what you get – vibe about him; which I liked. He really came across as genuine and he was really lovely in so many ways. We spoke about a lot of things; we didn’t have any silent moment. We discovered that we knew a lot of the same people and have also both failed our driving test several times so far. I really enjoyed his company and I could tell that he enjoyed mine too. He even gave me a hand massage, which was out of this world. Ricardo has skills when it comes to hand massage. I was so amazed by his techniques and the fact that he wasn’t shy to give me a hand massage. Some guys shy away from such things because they think it will reduce their masculinity. Male readers -the massage alone gave him extra points in my book. If you give a massage as good as Ricardo and a girl chooses not to like you for that reason alone there’s something terribly wrong with the girl and you should run a mile from her.
Like always readers if there’s anything that you think I’ve left out or that you are wondering please leave me a comment below and I will reply as soon as I can.I really had a nice time with Ricardo and I would gladly say yes to hanging out with him. I just can’t see myself in a relationship with him because he is not quite where I would like my potential partner to be. He is still very happy living at home with mummy and daddy and I just don’t think he has developed some of the qualities that I’d like in my man. I would love to be friends with him if he is happy to be my friend and I can honestly say date 3 was definitely the best date so far.


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