I’m Not A Princess Who Needs Saving!


Yesterday, I had a fall out with one of the guys that has been asking me out. Greg found his way to my BBM list sometime last year, but wasn’t forthcoming about how he got my pin, so I hardly ever responded to his pings. But I did notice him now and then, because he is such a fine man. I am kind of girl that likes to admire fine men from afar, because I am pretty wary of their arrogance, cockiness and women drama. Greg looked every bit of a classic player; he dressed well, never put up the picture of any random girl on his profile, flaunted his sisters and mother a lot, and put up enough designer watches, for you to tell that watches are his fetish.

I couldn’t tell exactly what he did for a living, but he looked like an exec. Still, I ignored him…but always made sure to double check a picture before posting it; just in case he noticed. So last week, I put up a picture of Isabella and I from the time my entire family went to the beach, and next thing I saw was a ping from Greg that read “Cute kid. Hope to meet her someday”.

I was jobless that night, with no brief to work on or series to catch up with, and my pantry was filled with pastries, with Isabella tucked in bed. Out of joblessness, I replied and we started this convo that lasted until 2am. We were pretty much trading wit, smart come-backs and having very intellectual arguments. I liked the light flirting and how intelligent and smart he sounded, and at some point, we were even exchanging voice notes when I got tired of typing. His voice was husky and sensual, in a way that made my toes tingly. I was laughing in my head at my girlish attitude when he typed “we should go out sometime”. I asked if that was his way of asking me out and he said no oh, that he was scared of asking me out again, since I had turned him down a lot in the past. I defended myself saying I was still angry at him then for refusing to tell me how he got my pin, so he said if I went out with him, he would tell me. Aside, the fact that I liked him and felt that a date with him was going to be fun, I was also curious to find out how he got my pin. So, I agreed and we set up a date for yesterday.

My bestie, Zinny and Tolu came to my place from their offices, just because I texted them to say I was going on a date with some fine dude! They wanted all the inside scoop and after I downloaded the gist for them, they helped me pick out something to wear and Tolu, who is a make up artist on the side, did some glam work on my face. I knew I looked good as I stepped into the jazz restaurant that I picked out for the date. Tolu and Zinny were still at my place when I left, promising to stay put until I returned. According to Zinny, if the gist waited till tomorrow, I wasn’t going to give them the full story. Anyways, I stepped into the restaurant and quickly found Greg, still dressed in a work suit but looking dashing all the same. He got up as I got to his table, and gave me a peck on the cheek before saying ‘welcome’. That was a bit too much for a first date, but I let it slide.

Good food, good music and good drink makes for a nice date…as well as good company. I enjoyed every bit of the date as we chatted and argued lightly on issues ranging from American politics, sports, music and movies. We argued on Beyonce Vs. Rihanna, Wizkid Vs. Davido, Messi Vs. Ronaldo, Ben Carson Vs. Hilary Clinton, Kerry Washington Vs. Gabrielle Union and so. It was quite engaging because I got to learn more about these stars, based on the points he used for his arguments. I also found out that he indeed is an exec working as a Director in an Oil & Gas company that his father and uncles started. I didn’t press for details because I didn’t want to leave a wrong impression. I also found out that he is an only son, hence the closeness to his sisters and mother. He talked like a good christian too and seemed really like my kind of guy.

Around 9:30pm when we decided to leave, he walked me to my car and that was when I asked how he got my pin. He dilly-dallied for a bit, attempting to make me let go of the question, but upon my insistence, he finally opened up that my elder sister, Chinelo was the one that gave him the pin. My eye brows were arched as I asked him what circumstances led to it and he told me, how they met at a conference when he was in Abuja and became friends. One day, they were talking and my name came up. He said my sister went on and on about how I am such a nice person and how I had a bad break up and it seems as though I am scared of falling in love again. He said my sister begged him to be my friend, so I could see that men are not all that bad. I was livid! In my head, I just imagined what sort of lost princess my sister painted me to be, albeit with good intentions. I know she always felt I needed to be more proactive about meeting men and getting married, but I didn’t think she thought it was bad enough for her to ‘beg’ some guy to be my friend.

In my calm Blair Waldof attitude, I looked at Greg and told him “I am not a princess that needs saving, my sister’s impression is wrong and I am sorry she talked you into this”. He started saying something about really liking me and God simply using Chinelo to bring us together, but I was still smarting so I told him I had to leave and I drove off. I called my sister immediately and we argued all the way home, until she finally apologized for giving him my pin without telling me first. She however urged me not to shut him out because he is a great guy and he really likes me. I was glad to find my friends already asleep when I got home, so I slipped into the shower for a hot bath, before getting into bed, all the while, thinking about his smile, the way we argued and all the things we have in common. Till now, I am yet to answer his calls, because I feel so ashamed that my sister begged him to be my friend, like I can’t get a man on my own. I am not a princess that needs saving, I am a queen waiting for her king.





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