How Many Frogs Before Prince Charming’s Arrival?


I was cleaning my house last Saturday, as my house help was with Isabella at her grandparents’ house, when I heard a frantic knock on my door. I quickly washed my hands and went to get the door. There was my friend, Zinny all red-eyed and teary. I gave her a hug and helped her get indoors. Offered her beverages which she refused to take, so I sat down and asked her what the matter was. Then she mentioned Xavier. I was going to roll my eyes, but I knew Zinny could do with more than that. “Same Xavier that made you not talk to me for a week?” I asked her, unable to stop myself. “This is not about you, Jacinta!” She screamed, all words muffled with tears. When Zinny or any of my friends call me by my full name, I knew ship just sailed. “I am sorry love” I said, relenting. “What did Xavier do? What happened?” More weeping and muffled words that I could hardly make anything out, so I held her close and allowed her let out the tears, instead. We could talk later.

We did talk later, after Zinny finally fell asleep in my arms, woke up and showered. Before she slept, the only things I could make out from what she said was that Xavier was a cheat and a liar and some other choice words I would rather not write about. I wasn’t in the least surprised that they had broken up, but I was definitely surprised that he had cheated. You see, Zinny practically changed her life for Xavier when they met, and the reason she refused to talk to me for a week was because I gave her home truths about changing yourself entirely to please a man. I mean, the day Tolu and I saw Zinny, after she went on a date with Xavier, we thought she was robbed! She made herself into the kind of woman she thought he liked, and even though, my mouth stayed out of their relationship, I was almost sure she was soon going to get tired of pretending, or he was going to see beneath the facade and everything was going to go up in flames. Call me angel of doom, right? Sorry, but I am prone to being realistic like that.

When Zinny was in a better frame of mind, she intimated me on what went down. So, she had ditched her trousers for skirts and wrappers, attended church regularly with Xavier, cooked and cleaned for him; with a view of impressing him enough to put a  ring on it. Only to discover that Xavier did like churchy women, but that was only because he liked to feel like a bad boy who made good girls do bad things. Zinny, who went into the relationship thinking he was too good to be true, and even hoping for a relationship without pre-marital sex, was shocked when Xavier kept pressurizing her to give up the cookies. They fought a number of times when he wanted them to watch porn together and even suggested her acting like a whore, all in the name of role play. Zinny, who can be naive at times, assumed that he was testing her and wanted to see how far she would hold out, did a good job of saying no and resisting his overtures. One night, things came to a head when a very horny Xavier was chasing her around the house, begging desperately for sex. She was turning him down and saying she wanted them to wait a little bit more. “What is wrong with you? It’s not like you are a virgin!” he had blurted out, out of frustration. Angry and hurt, she found herself saying “I might not be a virgin, but I made a vow to wait until marriage before having sex again”.

Xavier then laughed in a way that gave Zinny a picture of what Lucifer was like as he said “so you think I am going to marry you?”. Zinny was tearing up again, at this point in the narration and paused to call him some more names, before he continued. He laughed at her confused facial expression and called her a desperate bitch who thought holding out on sex was going to make him marry her sooner. “Do you think I am going to marry you sooner, just so I can sleep with you? Do you even think I am going to marry you at all?” My friend was already blinking back tears, stood there in shock as the man she thought she knew told her he has a family in the UK, and was only looking for someone to warm his bed. It was then he told her about his fetish for good girls, and according to Zinny, she felt bile rise to her throat. This guy was despicably wicked and she couldn’t imagine that she had fallen for him. She packed her dignity, hopes and clothes, and drove straight to my place.

It took me time to absorb what I heard. I mean, men can be evil….but this kind? Even the devil would be surprised! A married man, preying on seemingly desperate girls. Having a fetish for good girls and all sorts of sexually dirty things. I couldn’t deal. I was angry and wanted to lash out, but Zinny was already a crumpled crying mess again. “It’s okay darling, that’s just one bad man. The good ones are on their way”. She asked how long she was supposed to wait before the good guys came along, but I didn’t have any answer to that :nospam: All I knew was that Prince Charming was coming, but we sometimes have to kiss frogs before we can recognize our prince. “How many frogs Jacy, how many?” “Hopefully, not many” I replied, “the bad ones come before the good ones, so when the good ones show, we would know how to appreciate them”. With that, she fell into my laps and cried some more. I knew it was going to be fine. “Some day soon, you would meet a guy who would never make you cry”, I said, tears welling up in my eyes as well.





Jacy is a single mom in her late twenties. She works as a brand strategist in a Communications & Brand company during the day and as a writer at night; when she is not helping her daughter with homework or drawings. She is cheerful, friendly and spiritual. She is currently not in any relationship but she has a few love interests. Her world revolves around her daughter, church, movies and her career.

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