He’s The One But He’s Not Proposing: Here’s Why

He likes you as far as you can tell, he isn’t a Yoruba demon and you heard he was looking to settle but dude isn’t saying the words you want to hear why?

1. You keep telling him you are a tad crazy

Yep, he worries about how crazy you can get. When you get agitated you are not to be toyed with and keeping your man in check seems more important than being his woman.

2. You are too independent

You don’t need him and you make it perfectly clear. He knows you are only with him to satisfy your mother and he wants to feel needed.

3. You can’t cook

Yes men can be that basic!

4. He is not your first choice

You’d rather have married your ex or the one that got away or your dream man but he is the only one who is remotely interested in walking down the aisle with you and he knows!

5. Your dream wedding scares him

You’ve had years to dream up your perfect wedding and it’s way above his budget. You seem pretty high maintenance as it is.

He needs some major reassuring if he is going to go on with it!

Culled from http://www.cosmopolitan.com/ng/relationships/a8369853/5-reasons-why-he-isnt-proposing/

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