Here Are the Reasons It’s So Hard To Find A Good Man Nowadays

It was so obvious that she had given up on ever finding a man, from the way Hannah lamented her enforced singlehood. If you had listened to her too, you would agree with her that, indeed, good men, husband material men, were a scarce commodity. The ones that were readily available were the stringers and chop-and-clean mouth crew.

Hannah had started her dating life quite early; at fifteen years old, she was already the toast of her class with almost every guy panting after her voluptuous figure. As you might have expected, she went for the leader of the pack, the most boisterous and popular guy in her set and, together, they became the power couple.

While in secondary school, she wanted for nothing, as everyone tried to impress her with their gifts. From that secondary school love, she moved on to another hot guy in the year she waited to re-sit her secondary school examination. In the University, she was on a roll. There were times she even had more than one guy on her speed dial. She tried dating older men but it wasn’t her thing, so she stuck to her class of men.

Her dating life was quite a colourful one. Soon, she fell in love for the first time with a gentle and really quiet guy. He had been the efiko in her class and that was the draw for her.  Interestingly, he was drawn to her as well. So, for the first time in her dating life, she was dating not the hot guy, but the brilliant one. He had a caring heart and he sincerely wanted her to be happy, so he went out of his way to help her with her academics and even material things.

As is sometimes the case, not all good things last, so after graduation, they went to different states for their service year and that marked the end of their relationship. Since that time, Hannah moved on to dating other men, but it was as though she was jinxed not to find a good man. All they wanted was sex, to show off with her on their arms for a while, and then she was dumped.

It had happened with three consecutive men, and she thought something must be wrong with her. She recalled her dating life, if she had hurt someone and this was karma’s payback time. That was when she decided to take a break from the whole dating scene and that was when we met for a girls’ movie date, only for some emotional offloading to happen. At least, she felt better and I got something to share with you.

Hannah also has a long list of why there are no good men out there anymore. I will share her thoughts with you.


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