From One Night Stand To Take Home To Mama


I used to think that one night stands were plot lines of stories in the romance novels that I used to read. It just doesn’t happen in real life. I mean, who would make up their mind and say, “Today, I’m just going to find a babe or one guy for this one night.” For whatever reasons, that is. How naïve I was!

It does happen, (something that I still find hard to believe) and it does happen a lot more than you probably think. Okay, accepted that these things happen, now should it lead to marriage? Or let me put it this way, how many of such situations leads to marriage? I don’t know if there are any statistics to back it up but I found one case of one night stand leading to a marriage and I’m officially floored!

With Olamide and Jemimah, there was nothing intentional about their one night stand, (at least from what I could deduce). They had both been invited to a party by some friends of theirs. They didn’t even know the celebrant or what was being celebrated. Theirs were a classic case of Mogbomoya.  Remember that TWO song? Exactly that, except that in this case, they were invited by friends, who knew the birthday dude.

Olamide is from a fairly well to do family, he was well educated and doing fine. He was just out of a relationship that had been suffocating the life out of him.

Jemimah on the other hand is of mixed race, with more of her Caucasian aspects showing in her than her African heritage. She was the only child, her mother had for her dad and that in itself is a story better not told here. Anyways, her childhood could have been a lot better; if both her parents weren’t arrogant people.

She was so beautiful; she is almost a dream; beautiful skin with hazel eyes that contain specks of green let’s not talk about her hair. Jemimah was also not one girl that Olamide would have wanted to date, make that bold enough to ask out. She was just too exotic.

But all that became insignificant, when Olamide got some alcohol in his system. Bolstered by his newly found courage, (actually half a bottle of an expensive whiskey), he sidled up to Jemimah to chat her up.

Neither Jemimah nor Olamide could tell, how they ended up at her apartment, which wasn’t far from the venue of the party, but they agreed that they must have walked as Jemimah did not drive to the party and they had gone two days later to pick Olamide’s car, from where he had parked it in the house. That is what too much alcohol can do to you.

Anyways, they were soon making out, their bodies entangled, twisted beneath her baby pink sheets, and they were kissing and touching, obviously high on the sweet scandalous combination of liquor and lust.

It didn’t end there, they ended up having wild, drunken sex on her bed and fell asleep in a heap on top of one another, boozily snoring and sharing the same breath in a semi-blacked-out dream sleep.

One would that that, when Olamide came to his senses, the next morning, he would sneakily pick up his stuff, as quietly as possible as often seen in movies and make his way out of the room but that wasn’t what happened.  Things weren’t just working as they expected, as they woke up within minutes of each other, and the ice breaker was Jemimah’s laughter at the sight of  Olamide’s red lipstick spattered body.

His entire torso was covered in red lipstick marks, thanks to their orgy the night before.  Olamide till date doesn’t understand the reason he didn’t pick up his clothes from where they were scattered or why he asked for her full names, he did all of those things and Jemimah didn’t mind his questions.

Rather than getting ready to go home or at least go get his car, Olamide and Jemimah tucked themselves back into bed and got talking. They talked about their childhood; while Olamide had some many funny anecdotes to share about his brothers and parents, Jemimah’s brought tears to her eyes and saw Olamide hugging her and telling her, it was okay, that it happened in the past and that she was stronger now and needn’t go through all the pain anymore.

When they got hungry, they got something to eat from her fridge, and continued with her unending conversation.  They just kept talking and talking about everything and anything that came to either of their minds.  They even talked about their one night stand that should have been over but isn’t.

Olamide asked pointedly, if Jemimah was okay with his presence till then, she was very affirmative, when she told him, she didn’t mind his presence and Olamide did not mind being there either. Surprise! Surprise!! That how they spent the next 24 hours, after they met in each other’s arms; getting to know each other, their dreams and what-nots.

They spent the night together in her apartment again. He went to pick up his car, towards the evening of the next day and everyone who saw them,  Olamide’s friend, who invited him to the party and especially the celebrant, in whose house, Olamide’s car was parked asked if they had known each other before, that was how besotted they looked. That day, Olamide showed Jemimah his house and that was where she spent the night. He dropped her off at her house, early the next morning, so she could get ready for work and then took her to work, even though, it meant, he would be running late for his own office.

That was the birth of a new relationship. They just fell hard for each other. Jemimah and Olamide got married a few weeks ago, after 2 years of dating and that was when it came out that, they had started off as a one night stand.


Even though, I still struggle with accepting that this actually happened; their love story just showed that there are no rules really in this dating business. Some ladies beat themselves up over sleeping with a man too early( I’m of that school of thought), the  truth is, a man that will marry you will do so, it doesn’t matter, if you give up the cookie the first night (I’m not saying that’s fine o) or wait till the night of your wedding.

Just saying, the “rules” is not a one size fits all situations. The end is what matters in the end.

Stay in love!


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Kristine is a member of  The Lovelint team. She  is a down to earth person, who says it as it is. Having given relationship advice for years in a national daily, she has found out that fear is one of the main reasons holding people back from enjoying a healthy, happy relationship. She is married with kids and is willing to listen to you and help as much as you let her to.

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