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    Hi guys,

    Welcome to our own little corner of The Lovelint, where we can vent and talk about all things that we experience in our journey to finding the woman of our dream and even when we have found that woman, how to keep things fresh and on point. You get my drift?

    To open the floor, I am going to tell you about my search to finding the girl of my dream, my beautiful Chinelo, that I like to call Nelo. Truthfully, I had to kiss some not-so-fine princesses, got my heart broken :killbill: :killbill: by my ex, whom I dated for a long time, before, I met this woman, who swept me off my feet.

    I’m yet to recover from the effect of being swept off my feet. In fact, I’m not sure, I want to recover from it. :inlove2: :inlove2: The journey to finding her was not sweet but I’m glad I went through it, as it made me appreciate my woman more.

    That’s the abridged version of my love story. What’s yours?

    I’m waiting to hear yours, if you have found the bone of your bone or if you are yet to do so, I’m all ears, ready to listen to all your concerns as you go along in your search.

    Ladies you are not left out of the fun on this page, as I want to help you too. Just reply. :good:   :good:

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