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    If you still have not met your significant other, you run a risk of bumping into one of these types of the creepy guys. Beware of them and stay away!

    If you know these “names” you can avoid wasting your time on guys, who are not worthy of you and can become the source of some serious problems in your life.

    Mr. Nuisance

    At first, he may seem like a very friendly buddy, active, self-confident and a great leader. However, soon you start noticing him show up at all your locations. He knows where you live, work, study or have fun. He becomes your friend on all the social networks. She knows where your parents live and who your ex was. These are the sure signs of a stalker. He might turn out to be nuts or super jealous and controlling. The sooner you end the relations, the better.


    Mr. Fanatic

    At first, you get excited over him falling in love with you, but soon you notice some oddities. You become the center of his life. In a week he cannot even imagine living without you. If you postpone or cancel a date, he says he would kill himself over it. And you start feeling that his love is too much for you. It becomes a burden rather than a blessing. Run for your life. He may turn out to be a freaking maniac!

    Mr. Poor

    He is after your attention and pity. He actually reminds you one of the girlfriends, who always calls you and talks for hours. He complains about everything and drains you by demanding the compassion and time you really cannot spare. This guy gives you no personal space and if you dare to marry him, just imagine what kind of life you would have!


    Mr. Lovestick
    This man wastes no time. He is after the sex on the first date and just minutes after you meet, his hands get all over you. You may hate it or love it, but just think: even if you date, he will keep on doing such things to other girls!

    Mr. Rich

    He thinks he can buy and sell you whenever he wants to. His money is his significant other. Do not wait for respect or true love from such a guy. No money can ever compensate genuine affection in life.


    Mr. Hungry

    Guess what; it’s not the food he craves. He stares and stares at your boobs and your bums, and your legs and he just eat you alive with his eyes. And, what is more, he does that to any other girl that comes his way!


    Mr. Too Good To Be True

    If it is too good to be true, don’t buy it. He may seem so perfect, so loving and so unusual. There is no one like him in the whole world. You can bet he got the skeleton in his drawer. One person said: if a guy does not smoke, drink or has no other fault, most likely at nights he cuts dead bodies! This guy is the winner among the creepiest of the creepy!

    So, watch out for these signs and once you meet a guy like that – run!



    Culled from https://yen.com.gh/60819-7-types-creepy-guys-never-date-7-creepiest.html

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