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    Gosh, the dating world can literally be walking in the jungle! You meet the good, the bad, and the what-where-you thinking??!

    For me, blind dates were always the worst!!! Sheesh!!! There was this fellow I spent months speaking with on the phone, and e-mailing. Our chemistry was off the chains! I couldn’t wait to meet him! And then I did, and OMG, it was a-w-f-u-l-  :heartbroken: . Apart from not looking ANYTHING like the pictures I’d seen, he had such a bad attitude that the date went sour very quickly  :anger4:

    Anyone else had horrible blind dates?



    I would never attempt going on a blind date again…ever! I have always had my reservations about blind dates, but my cousin was able to convince me that this guy was different and begged me to give it a go. All through the two hours I endured there, all he cared about were countries I have been to, what my pay check was like, when last I had sex and all other ANNOYING stuff! :bangheads: I mean, what’s your business if I fly coach or business class? The dude came across like a total gold digger. No! Never again.  :noway:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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