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    For weeks on end,I thought about this date. It was one that I had wished happened a long time ago but she was  doing shakara. But finally, she gave me a day and I eagerly jumped on it.

    Only that babe did not show up, she stood me up :stoodup:. I had left my work earlier to make full judicious use of her one hour lunch break, only for me to get there and when In called her, for her tell me, that I should wait, as a meeting had over ran its schedule, her boss needed her to sort out some issues and finally, “you know what, I don’t think I would be joining you for that lunch after all, work is hectic today.”

    I was livid :anger2: She kept me waiting for close to an hour and half, before telling me to go. I had left my office earlier to make it to the Island, with minutes to spare before the fixed time, I left her office reception, a dejected man, Why do babes do that anyway? If you don’t want to see me, say so from the very beginning.

    Over to you ladies, why do we change our minds? :heart:

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