Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Letting it out: Putting your loved ones in the know helps with the process. You need all the love, support and care you can get.
  • Using the children to score points: Children are not pawns in a game of chess; don’t use them for your selfish reasons.
  • Finances: Divorce is expensive and so is life after divorce. You would be paying for rent and utilities yourself now. Think about how to make and save more money.
  • The Moving process: Ask friends and relatives to help you move; be sure to have everything ready
  • Renting an apartment: Be shrewd with money. Evaluate your living needs; If you are living alone, get a smaller apartment. Also check for distance to your work place, transportation costs, and available facilities. Try to cut costs.
  • Coping skills: Focus on your strengths and try not to be distracted by anything that can undermine your confidence. Coping with a divorce requires a healthy self-esteem.
  • New Relationships: First, it is your responsibility to make sure that your finances and personal documents reflect your new single status. You might need to change your will, life insurance beneficiaries and next of kin. Then, take all the time that you need alone before venturing into another relationship. You need to heal thoroughly to be able to handle another relationship effectively.