How are you feeling?

Divorce can be a relief to some individuals but it can also seem like losing a loved one to death. Since, it is usually one partner who decides to end the marriage, the other party can get thrown into emotional and physical despair. Be aware of your emotions so you can put everything in perspective. Right now, it’s like being born all over again as an adult. There would be a turmoil in your heart, no doubt and a certain fear of the unknown; but it helps to stay positive.

You have to tell yourself, over and over again, that everything happens for a reason. It might be a little bit overwhelming to find yourself single again, and having to do all these ‘firsts’ but embracing change is the only way to be happy and maintain good health. Hopefully, you have a great support system in your family and friends; those that are willing to pick up your call at 3am when you want to cry and vent. You also have this online community here to help you get through the beginning phase of your new life. Yet, in spite of all the support you would be getting, you have to do a lot for yourself too.