How are the children affected?

ll_20A divorce might just be between a couple, but the children are very much a part of the process. Their live change right before their eyes, and chances are, they are not ready for this change. Naturally, they would want their parents to continue to live together and work things out, but from now, they would have to live with one parent and visit the other, or move in with relatives. They may be required to change environment, schools and leave their friends and the life they knew behind. It is pretty hard.

You and your ex have to co-operate regarding the children and put yourselves in their shoes. How you conduct yourself and the way you handle the divorce may have damaging effects on the children for many years to come. You need to be strong for them and reassure them that everything is going to be alright. Your children need to be conscious of the fact that they would still get a good education and that they are still paramount in your life. If they would no longer be living with you, you have to adjust your schedule to accommodate them. Ensure that you always make out time to spend with them and be on track of their growth and development.