Divorce Support


Getting divorced is never easy, for whatever reason. However you can choose to see the bright side of things; whether or not you were the one that filed for divorce. There would be many ‘firsts’ after the papers are signed. This is a new terrain for you now. Even if you have cleaned the house a thousand and one times before, there would be the first time of you cleaning the house after the divorce. The first time of eating after the divorce. The first time of going out. The first time of sleeping alone. Everything you do, would be a first. And that is a good way to look at things; a season of new beginnings. Change and new beginnings might not be what you wanted, or maybe you did (after being in a hellish marriage) but you have to embrace what you have with both hands and make the most of it. You might see these firsts as a reason to celebrate or as a reason to cry, but either ways, you have to come to terms with change.