Dating Diaries: When You Fall Twice On A Date, What Other Sign Do You Need? – Tolani’s story

Dear Diary,

Malik and I met at a wine tasting event a few months ago and never had the time to get together. We finally decided to meet over dinner and go out on a Saturday evening. Malik came by my house as promised to pick me up, which I thought was nice.

When I got in the car I was a little turned off by his conversation which lacked depth, since he was a scientist and had intelligent phone convo, but it wasn’t a big deal. We made it to dinner and had a good time laughing and just talking about each other’s lives. After dinner we had previously discussed going bowling, but he then said that his cousin and his boys wanted to go to the club and that I should come with them. I was a little ticked off at this point, because the club was not what I had planned to do that night, plus, I wasn’t really interested in meeting his cousin and friends, but whatever, I decided to go along with it.

We had to drive about forty minutes to his cousin’s house from the resturant which is where the crew was meeting, and I got out the car and proceeded to almost fall out the car because my heel got caught in the sidewalk. Malik rushed around to help me up and we laughed our way into the house.

When we got inside there are about five of his friends and his cousin inside chillin and getting ready for the club. We lingered about thirty minutes waiting for them to get ready and then decided to head out.

As I was walking down the step to get to the front door,  I tripped and slid down the stairs! Yes I slipped twice! To make matters worse when I got up and looked at my shoe I noticed something brown on the bottom of it. I took the shoe off and sniffed it and smelled..yes smelled, DOO DOO! I don’t know whose or what’s Doo Doo it was but I immediatley threw the shoe down and yelled to Malik that something was on my shoe!

He told his cousin, who picked it up and smelled it and said that his little two year old daughter hadn’t been there in a few weeks so it shouldn’t have been her DOO. Wait what – why would your child’s doo be on the bottom of the step anyway..wth! I was totally pissed and annoyed at this point so after the boys rinsed off my shoe, I told Malik to take me home because the club was NOT where I needed to be that night, before something worse happened!


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