Dating Diaries: When is too soon for a woman to pay on a date?


Dear Diary,

I met Alana at an Election Night Watch Party and we seemed to hit it off pretty quickly. She was cute and funny and seemed intelligent. We exchanged numbers and quickly arranged a date the following weekend.  That Saturday we met at Clyde’s downtown DC and had a really good time. She was pleasant and the conversation flowed.  I was thinking it would be great dating her. After our great evening, we arranged for a second date. She wanted to see a movie at the IMAX Theater in Columbia, MD which I agreed to. When we arrived at the theater we both realized that we had the wrong movie time and were two hours early. I purchased the tickets and told her we could find something else to do while we waited for the movie. She said since I was nice enough to buy the tickets she would treat me to dinner before the movie. I said okay and we grabbed a bite to eat. After we ate we went inside the theater. While in the theater, she grabbed my hand to hold it and started to kind of rub my arm. I was thinking, Okay I guess she liked me and went along with it. When we left the theater she offered to drive me to her car and I thanked her and hopped in with her. When she pulled up to my car I leaned in to give her a kiss good-night since she was feeling me in the movie and we had chemistry. All we did was kiss, and I got out of the car and said good-bye.

The following day was Thanksgiving and Alana was leaving town but she said she would keep in touch over the break which she did. Upon her return, I sent her a text asking when she would be available to hang again and she did not respond. I thought that was weird since she responded any other time and sent her a few more texts with no response until finally she wrote back, “I am not interested in seeing you anymore.” Confused I responded, “Huh what are you talking about? “to which she replied, “ You allowed me to pay for dinner on our second date which was rude in my opinion and then you kissed me in the car after,” .  After a few more back and forth texts I concluded that we got off to a wrong start but there was no way of remedying the situation, so I broke off communication with her.

Question: Was I wrong for allowing her to pay for our meal SINCE SHE OFFERED on our second date?????


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