Dating Diaries: We Were Totally Different People..But Hey, The Wine Was Good- Gabriella’s story

Gabrielle is a 35-year-old teacher. She is “black, curvy and tall” and says, “My style is a T-shirt, flip-flops and jeans.” Gabrielle says she is “outgoing, friendly and kind” and says, “I was single for two years at the time of this date, but now I’m in a relationship. Woo-hoo! My dating life is normally a total bust, but it always entertains my friends.”

I met Jonas online. I liked his smile — it was beautiful — and his sense of humour, and how he looked so professional, and that he seemed so different from the men I usually date. In his picture he was very well dressed: he wore a nice suit, a black tie, and a beautiful pair of glasses. I was hooked.

After messaging on the site, Jonas and I decided to take it to the next level and began a texting relationship. After about a week of that, he asked me if I wanted to meet. He suggested dinner at a very well-known, upscale restaurant in the financial district because it’s close to his office. “How’s seven?” he texted. “Sounds good!” I wrote back, pretending that I had been there before, and that I was super classy. In reality, most of my first dates consisted of me showing up at a dive bar and having a pint. I thought about what I had in my wardrobe that could possibly be considered appropriate after-work, fancy-restaurant attire.

On the day of our date, I rushed home to get ready to go out with a finance professional. I had been sporting a pair of jeans and a T-shirt all day at work. I forced my body into a pair of nice, tight black pants, a sexy camisole and a blazer. This was what they wore on there, right?

I arrived first. The waitress came over with a menu, and I went into total shock looking at the list of prices. I knew it was going to be expensive, but I was just not used to anything like this. I told the waitress that I would wait for my guest before ordering anything. I checked my phone to see if Jonas was coming. “Be there in five,” he texted. “Just closing a deal.”

Jonas looked incredible when he walked in. He had this air of confidence, and his smile made him seem as though he was selling toothpaste. I told him that he looked good. He said he didn’t always dress that way, and that it was just for work. I asked him what he wore on weekends, which started a conversation that made me realize Jonas was a Fancy Guy. He still wore nice shoes and dress shirts on the weekend. He woke up at four in the morning to work out. He only drank wine that cost more than 10k. I was sure he would laugh if he knew that my favourite restaurants had entrees that cost less than I500 naira, or if he saw my wine rack, or if he knew that I consider jeans “dressing up” on the weekend, since I’d rather be in sweatpants.

Our differences didn’t stop at our lifestyles. Jonas seemed super into himself and his job. He thought I’d be really interested in hearing about deals, meetings and so on. Bored by the conversation, I just kept ordering more of the insanely expensive wine that Jonas had suggested. In retrospect I should have just wrapped up the date, but the expensive wine was really good. I couldn’t bring myself to order any food and told Jonas I wasn’t hungry. How could I afford this place? Is this the cost of dating a boring, fancy man?

Jonas talked about another business deal while I began to total up in my head how much our bill would be: well over two hundred dollars. I started to panic. I was also getting drunk very quickly. I told Jonas I was ready to leave and when our bill came I reached for it. “I’ll get that,” said Jonas as he gave me a wink. That was nice of him. He paid and when we walked out of the restaurant he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I smiled and waved goodbye, my feet killing me in my heels. From now on, I think I’ll just stick to T-shirts, flip-flops,cafes and regular guys.

Call me boring! ;-)   ;-)   ;-)

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