Dating Diaries: Three’s Company!


Dear Diary,

My girl Tina decided that she wanted to hook me up once again with the friend of a friend last week. I reluctantly went along with it, why not I thought to myself, I may meet a nice friend if nothing else. So last night, “Mr. New Friend” asked me if I wanted to meet him at this resturant Four Four for Happy Hour after work in VI. I said Sure ,no problem. I told him that I got off work at 5:00 and could be there at 5:15 since I worked on the Island. He said that he could just pick me up after work since he worked close to me as well. Thinking this was a nice gesture, I agreed.   After I got in the car, he said he had to make a stop. I’m thinking okay maybe he has to get gas or maybe even some gum at a convenience store.WRONG! 
He proceeds to the Silverbird Galleria and said he had to drop off movie tickets for his friend. I still don’t think anything of it because the Galleria is very close to Four Four.  However, when we get to the Galleria, instead of getting out of the car, he sits there and calls his boy. His boy walks up to the car five minutes later and gets in the backseat. I say hi to the friend and am thinking that he is going to drop his boy off somewhere. UMM NO , his friend proceeds to walk into Four Four with us! At this point, I’m pissed because why are three of us out on a first date together?? Who does this??
We order drinks and light appetizers and make painful, akward, small talk. At the end of the meal, “Mr. New Friend” proceeds to tell me that he doesn’t feel like driving me back to my car at work because he has already paid for parking at Four Four and him and his boy are staying to watch a movie that night. Inside I am fuming, but I am holding it all together when he says that. He then offers for him and his boy to WALK me the few blocks to my car. When we get to my car he asks me for a ride BACK to the Galleria so he can catch his movie.  I look at him like he’s crazy, get in the car, and speed off. Needless to say I never saw or spoke to that loser again! I can’t find myself dating such a dude…
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