Dating Diaries: This Guy Was Talking About Sex On Our First Date?! – Seyi’s story


I met Plaster Print Guy on a local dating website and actually he was a really nice, interesting, funny person at first. We messaged a few times back and forth, exchanged numbers and continued messaging on WhatsApp. He told me how he was originally from France, but traveled the world due to work and had been practically everywhere, living in hotel rooms for weeks, only having contact to other people in hotel bars and that he moved to Hamburg, Germany to stay and have a real home.


I was intrigued, but I had been out of a relationship for just a few weeks and was hesitant to meet up with him. He tried to push me a little but accepted that I needed more time. After 2-3 weeks, I finally said yes. Really wish I hadn’t…


We decided to go to the “light-water-plays“ at the most beautiful park in Hamburg, “Platen un Bloomen“, Saturday evening. Actually, I wasn’t too fond of that plan, because it’s over the top romantic. You sit by the water in the park and there’s a light and water show accompanied by classical music. Could turn super awesome with the right guy. Turned into a catastrophe with the wrong one.


I was a little late which wasn’t my fault though, because my train was stuck for 15 minutes. He was a little pissed and I apologized like 3 times. We walked to the lake, barely talking. I was too nervous because he was really cute. I just lost my words. Of course, that turned him off too and he said something like, “This would all be easier if I could just get you drunk“.


We finally arrived, sat down on the meadow and things just got worse by the minute. I didn’t have a chance.


“You’re too nice. I thought you would be a little more cheeky.“


“Was a mistake to take you out on the first date so late. Always get the wrong impression.“


“I should just get you drunk“


I finally got pissed off too and told him I’m just like he imagined actually, I just needed more than 1 hour to open up. I’m from Hamburg, for God’s sake! We’re just that kind of people! Give it a rest!


But he was like: “You’re cute, but way too nice. Not going to happen. Sex wouldn’t change anything.“

…which left me startled.


“Who said anything about sex?! I’m so not going to sleep with you!“


Worst date ever: Happy, cuddling couples all around and us two, death-glaring. I should have just left but decided to watch the play until the end. We walked back to the station in deafening silence, said a half-hearted goodbye and that was it.


I deleted his number and my account on that dating-site immediately and thought that was it. But the story isn’t over yet.


Months later, when I was really ready for dating, I went back on the site just to find him again!

Call me imbecile, but I decided to send him a message saying how we got off wrong and that I’m not usually this shy, that the park thing just made it worse and that we should just meet casually for drinks and not even call it a date because we had a good connection before.


I know I’m stupid, don’t remind me.


He answered and said ok, gave me his number again and messaged me on WhatsApp, where he finally showed his true nature.


“But you know, I’m only on this website looking for sex, right?”


“No, because you said you’re looking for a serious relationship before.”


“I was lying. Didn’t you realize?”


“Obviously not.”


“Wanna have sex?”




“I have a new hobby. I’m making plaster prints of the vaginas of my latest conquests”


“You’re just trying to be an utter asshole to get rid of me, right? No need for that, just tell me not to write again”




“Oh my God…. You are serious.”


“You want one too?”


“NOTHXBYE!” *Blocked contact*


Yes, this really happened. I was done with dating for a few weeks, was really close to deleting my account a second time but then met my prince charming on the same website. Happily in love for 10 months already and no end in sight. Guess I deserve that after this dating-disaster.

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