Dating Diaries: This Guy Refused To Tell Me Where He Was Taking Me To – Bridget’s story

Bridget is a 26-year-old business analyst. She says “My style is simple, classic and casual. A ponytail and a scarf is probably my signature look.” Bridget says she is “easygoing, up for anything, and possibly overly optimistic!” She likes to go to the movies, hike, and “sit on patios in nice weather.” She adds “I live for my monthly book club meeting, and reality-TV girls nights on Mondays.” Bridget says “I’m perpetually single, but I’ve never felt sad about it.”

I put my trust in my friends when it comes to guys. I ask for their advice, and respect their opinions. Sometimes I even let them set me up on blind dates, against my better judgment. I told one of my friends that she could set me up sometime, and she almost immediately told me that I was going out with a guy she knew,that night. He was picking me up at eight.

I decided to roll with it. It was a complete blind date: no Google stalking first, or any additional information about this guy other than my friend stating that he was nice, and that he would treat me like gold. I didn’t know what he did for a living or anything. While I felt timid, I was also positive — an example of me being overly optimistic at times! I decided I was ready to have a good night.

When Oliver showed up at the door of my apartment, he looked like a nice guy, just like my friend said, and I felt immediately better. He was also really cute. I asked him where we were going for dinner, and he smiled and said he wanted to keep it a surprise. A good lesson: no relationship — not even a date — should start off with secrets.

When we went out to his car, he told me that the passenger door didn’t open at all, and that I would have to get in on his side and slide over. He apologized for the broken door, but acted like it was completely normal. I was horrified, but at a loss for words as I got in on his side. At least he opened the door for me, in a way! All the initial optimism I had felt was quickly fading, and I was starting to get concerned for the rest of the evening. Another good lesson: never climb over a guy’s gearshift on a date.

I was hoping that the surprise dinner would be something like The Keg. I had dressed up and was ready for something special. We made small talk while Oliver drove. He was definitely nice, and funny, but a few minutes into the conversation it came up that he still lived with his ex-girlfriend. It didn’t seem like they broke up that recently, either. Like the broken door, he also acted like this was normal, but I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my friend hadn’t mentioned this small detail! I knew that regardless of how the rest of the date went, there wouldn’t be a second.

Soon after, Oliver pulled into the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant. At first, I didn’t know why we were there, and then I realized that this was the surprise. I don’t mind a burger and fries, but on a first date? Inside, Oliver ordered for me, without asking what I wanted to eat. I should have said something, but sometimes I’m too shy to ask for what I want. There wasn’t really anywhere to sit, as the “restaurant” was busy, so I stupidly suggested we go back to my place to eat. We certainly weren’t going to go back to his place and eat fast food with his ex.

When we got back to my apartment, my roommate was hanging out in the main room, so we ended up eating the cold fast food on my bed. All I felt I could do was hand Oliver a napkin and ask him to try not to spill on my bed.

It got weirder after we were done eating, and Oliver fell asleep! I watched Netflix for a couple of hours, but eventually woke him up and kicked him out. I knew I would never see him again, and wanted the night to end. As he left, he apologized for falling asleep, and said he had a good time. It was like we were on two different dates. My friend is still apologizing for the set-up.

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