Dating Diaries: This Guy Just Seem Too Good Too Be True – Sonia’s story

Sonia is a 29-year-old fitness trainer. She says “Style-wise, I always go with Lululemon or workout clothes. When I do manage to dress up, it’s usually in skinny jeans, nice high heels — I’m a shoe fanatic — which I always end up regretting, and a natural makeup look.” Sonia says she is an “introvert, but very honest and genuine and not afraid to speak my mind. I am always attracted to extroverts.” Sonia likes working out, travelling, and doing yoga to relax. She says “I’m not a fan of being single. I like having a companion to conquer the world with. I’ve never been dumped, but I have been on a long quest to find my soulmate.”

I met Ed at a gym where he worked. I was visiting the gym with my best friend, who is also my ex-boyfriend. I instantly knew he was the one, but that also seemed like an impossible dream. He was striking to look at, just like who you would imagine being on the cover of a steamy romance novel. Great hair; beautiful eyes; stunning physique. I had never questioned a man being out of my league until I laid eyes on Ed. He made me feel giddy and shy at the same time.

I ended up at the gym several times after that, and chatted with Ed a few times. He was very respectful and polite, and never hit on me. I would always blush when talked, and I assumed he had no interest in me. I didn’t know this at the time, but he assumed I was dating my ex who I first went to the gym with. Eventually, he found out from a mutual friend that I was single, and he added me on Facebook. I was in bed when I saw his name, and immediately panicked. I worked up enough courage to message him, and wrote “I didn’t think you even knew my name!”

We messaged back and forth for a while, and talked on the phone for hours at a time. Talking to someone behind a phone is much easier than it is face-to-face. I could sense some flirtation and that he liked me. Eventually, I impulsively asked him to come over for a drink and to watch a movie. I figured that there wouldn’t be a lot of pressure that way, and I could impress him with my wine knowledge and open up a nice bottle.

When he arrived, it was a bit awkward: I was super-nervous to be with him again in person after so much talking, it turned out that he hated wine, and I found it hard to make conversation. I made sure to pour us small glasses so he didn’t think I was a lush. I stared at his thick hair, which was always under a baseball cap at the gym, and his beautiful eyelashes.

We watched a movie, and he inched closer and closer to me on the couch and eventually held my hand. I had so many butterflies. It was late when the movie was over, but I didn’t want him to leave. I dreaded the thought of him leaving, actually. As I was walking him to the door, I suggested out of nowhere that he stay the night and sleep in bed with me — at arm’s length, and no closer. This wasn’t like a “Netflix and chill, ulterior motive” kind of thing, I genuinely wanted to be in his presence, and for him to just sleep beside me. I made small talk and joked around and then he just kissed me. It was dark and I couldn’t even see his face, but somehow his lips made their way to mine. I remember feeling like my head was spinning in circles, and my heart started racing. Nothing else happened; eventually we just fell asleep.

It was like a magic switch. The next morning, after he left, we talked and texted almost every hour of every day. I have never been so sleep-deprived in my life. On our second date, at a nice restaurant, he told me he was looking forward to meeting my dad so he could tell him that he was in love with his daughter. I was on cloud nine. I didn’t want to blurt out my confession of love for him right away, so I squeezed his hand. I later found out from Ed’s friend that when he first saw me, he said “That’s the girl I’m going to marry.”

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