Dating Diaries: The Thirst Is Real!

Dear Diary,
So I met this dude a couple a weeks ago at this Happy Hour after work with a friend at Bay Street lounge. We danced and had a good time. So when he asked for my number, I gave it to him (I figure more dates the better for me, right?!?! ) Of course, he texted me that night to make sure I got home safe which I thought was nice. Then Saturday morning, he texted with a, ” Hi, Good Morning,” and I replied back. We went back and forth with the texting but I had to cut it short because I had to work my part-time that morning.
That Saturday night I wasn’t feeling well at all and just wanted to stay home and watch TV.  I didn’t feel like being bothered with ANYONE! First ‘ol boy called me at 8:30PM – I didn’t answer; then again at 10:20PM , I still did not answer,  then he texted me at 12:30AM with a “You Up” and then Sunday morning text at 9:20AM with “Good Morning.” I knew right then and there I was dealing with a thristy dude. Horrible. I never replied or returned his calls. I figured if I ignored him, he would take the hint. DEAD WRONG. He hit me up again Monday morningwith a text “Good morning, how are you?” So me being nice, I reply back,” Hey Nick, Im fine how are you?” I  thought maybe I was overreacting and being too hard on dude. Give him a chance, right? DEAD WRONG.
He then responds back “I am fine, send me a pic.” TOO THIRSTYYYY. I was like AHHHHHHH, gotta get rid of this dude ASAP. His eagerness and lack of swag was turning me off. Then I remember reading this article online on Thristy AZZ DUDES.    In the article, it states that as a woman, if you want to get rid of a thirsty dude, you can’t BE NICE. The BISH…gotta come out. Of course it made sense and I knew what I had to do to get rid of this clown.
So of course I didn’t reply to his weird “send me a pic” text message. The following Tuesday he hits me up and I am like WOWWWW he really doesn’t get the hint.   At that point the BISH just came out on him. I texted back “STOP TEXTING and calling my phone” “I am NOT interested in dating you.” And it worked. He stopped. Haven’t heard from his azz since. Talk about straight comedyyyy and being thristyyy.
What would you do???

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