Dating Diaries: The Guy Was A ‘Sufferhead’, Looking For Who To Infect- Carrie’s story

Carrie is a 28-year-old salesperson. She says “You can always find me wearing high heels and lipstick” and describes herself as “charismatic, kind, extremely candid and loud. My mom describes me with one word: gumption!” Carrie likes walking her dog, “drinking a great glass of red wine with my girlfriends,” and watching movies. She says “I’ve been single for a while, but I’ll never turn down a date, so my dating life is jam-packed.” Carrie is looking for someone who is “kind, tall, athletic, as ambitious as I am, and can make me laugh.”

I met Luke online, and developed an instant crush via social media and text. He was candid and funny, and two weeks after we “met” online he actually called me to ask me out for dinner, which is always refreshing. He travels a lot, and I liked his sense of adventure. I chose my favourite restaurant in town for our date, a great Mexican place with a low-key atmosphere: classier than a pub, but more relaxed than a fancy Italian restaurant. I knew I’d feel comfortable, plus the margaritas there are amazing!

I arrived early, excited to meet my crush. Luke, on the other hand, was late for the date. I should have known something was up: if a guy is making you wait on your first date, it’s a good indication that he’ll always make you wait. That was the first red flag. I noticed right away that he looked much older in person. He was also dressed terribly: cowboy boots, a ridiculous printed shirt, and the skinniest jeans ever created. I was so turned off and wanted to run. I really should have.

I had survived on coffee and excitement all day, so I was thrilled to have dinner at one of my favourite places. However, Luke looked at the menu and said that he didn’t really want to eat, so he would just order a pitcher of sangria for us. That should have been my second red flag of the evening, because ordering a pitcher on a first date is all kinds of wrong: unless I’m on a patio on a Saturday afternoon in July, I don’t want to hear the words “sangria special.” So, there I was, starving, rattled that his jeans were skinnier than mine, and drinking cheap sangria. I decided to suck it up, and sat back and waited for some incredible conversation to start flowing.

Luke did all the talking, about himself. He didn’t ask much about me, which I can’t stand. I got the vibe that he travels so much because he didn’t like commitment of any sort in his life. He actually made it clear that he didn’t want to date me, and was just looking for some casual fun; he said that he was “too young” to commit to just one woman. When I asked him about his best travel adventure, he told me about the time that he got sick and vomited and had diarrhea for days. It was not appropriate first-date conversation. He went on to tell me all of the details – while we were eating. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be completely turned off by that.

At the end of the date, Luke invited me to his place. I declined, politely but firmly. He then offered to walk me home, because it was dark. I thought that was a nice gesture, considering how inconsiderate he was during the rest of the date, so I said sure. Not even halfway there, Luke announced that he was too weak to walk and hailed a cab, which he got in by himself, leaving me to walk the rest of the way home, alone. What do you say to that?

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