Dating Diaries: Sour Grapes!

Dear Diary,

I met Stan on Facebook, yes Facebook. One day I received an inbox from him stating that he found me attractive and wanted to get to know me a little better. I really wasn’t all that interested in Facebook dating but when he inboxed me Hello or Bible Scriptures over the passing weeks, I politely responded back.  After a length of time had passed I informed him that I really was not interested in online dating since he never once asked me out on a date, and that while he seemed nice, I would be moving on.

He became haughty and promptly asked me if I was available to go out the next day for dinner. I told him that I was available and asked him where did he want to go to eat. He suggested Friday’s, which kind of turned me off and I politely declined. He then said that he was open to suggestions and that I could choose a place to go eat. I suggested that we eat at a local sushi spot. He said okay.

Later on in the day I got a call from him and he said that he had a chance to look at the menu and that he was allergic to the food on it so he could not eat there. I said, “Wait, so are you allergic to ALL FOOD because there are non-seafood items on the menu, ie. chicken, etc. ” He said No he wasn’t but that we could go meet and walk around the National Harbor instead.  By this point, I knew dude was being cheap or was just flat broke, and my already low interest level plummeted into the negative zone . I politely declined for the second time that day and told him to have a nice evening.

After hanging up the phone I got a barrage of texts from him, professed ” Christian” about how I was stuck up and how dare I decline his National Harbor invitation knowing we would have eventually gotten dinner there, and that he was appalled at me, and that was why women like me were single, blah blah blah ” I just pressed DELETE, DELETE, DELETE, and went on about my life!

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