Dating Diaries: Somebody, get me out of here!


Dear Diary,

In an attempt to open my “dating pool” I took the advice of two of my girlfriends who suggested I try online dating. For my preferences I chose to date black men and non-black men. I’m an over-achiever so I figured I could handle the dual first starts!With a brave heart I created my online profile and was surprised at the many hits (yes! ego boost!), but I found myself only responding to the 35+ PHd guys. Sad to say, they all  turned out to be a bust.

Although mentally stimulating, they were too self- centered to be any fun. I decided to change my focus back to men that were closer to my age. I gave a 29 year old military Sergeant a try. I figured he was in the military so that would mean a solid career and stability. We exchanged emails and finally exchanged phone numbers. We talked on the phone and the conversation was cool, nothing clicked and sparked, but just okay conversation. Although I was not really “feeling him” I decided to go on a date because he was very insistent. Our schedules clashed so much until I finally agreed to drive to VA because he had work very early Sunday morning.

The entire drive over he kept calling me trying to figure out exactly where I was. He was super annoyed that I didn’t come right after he got off from work at 12:30. Yeah right!? He insisted I come up to his apartment before we went out, which should have triggered something in me, but I went on up anyway SMH. We  argued about him wanting me to give my phone to post person ( he lives in a gated community). We then argued about where I should park, he was looking at me through his window and was directing me like a creepy stalker.  After I finally parked and walked up to his door I wanted the night to be over already. I knocked on the door, he opens and yells “Welcome to where rich white boys live!”. I gave him the WTF look and shook my head. My body language made him realize his stupidity.

He proceeded to try to impress me more by insisting we eat at some exotic restaurant.” Lets do Indian, Thai or Ethiopian,” he said. I was like what ever you pick is fine let’s just go! SO we do Thai. We go to his car and he yells “Look at that car, rich white boy car!”. Again, I gave him “the look”. We get in the car and he turns on T-pain, Lil Wayne, and other rap artists I don’t know. Although it was bad enough he was blasting the music to the high heavens, he decided to rap along. I wanted to jump out of the car at that point. We finally get to the restaurant and get to our table.

We are in a Thai restaurant and he started making racist comments about the servers. I had to remind him that mess is not funny! So after that he behaved. He asked to skip the movie because he was getting tired, which I saw on his face, so I said cool I will go home. He said no, please come to my apartment and we will chat for a few minutes and watch TV. So we go up to his apartment, I sit on the couch and he went to the bedroom.

I assumed he went for a movie or whatever. Boy was I wrong! This fool comes around the corner wearing only BOXERS! I said, ” What the hell are you doing?” He responds “Come in the bed with me and rub my shoulders and back”. I said ” You done lost your mind. You’re five cards short of a full deck! Who gets nude on a first date?!” He said “You are so stuck up! You wanted to come to my apartment. You just playing games with my mind. I’m tired of you doing this to me!” I said “Me?, Homie I just met you!”  He then started to yell like a five year old and carry on about how I just wanted to use him. I grabbed my bag and ran out of there!!!

Talk about crazy!

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