Dating Diaries: SMH! He Did Push-ups In The Middle Of Of The Restaurant- Elizabeth’s story

Elizabeth is a 29 year old medical student. She loves to work-out, cook healthy food, and drink wine with friends. She describes her dating life as “sparse: when you’re studying as much as I am, it’s hard to go out on dates.” Her advice: Don’t date a fellow doctor.

It had been a couple of years since I ended my four year relationship. Med school got so busy and I had been on some dates here and there. Some were good, some were boring, nothing too memorable. As I was nearing the end of my studies and heading into residency, I was ready to try online dating. All of my friends kept encouraging me to set up a profile.

I finally did – and what a disaster. It was only my second date with someone from Plenty of Fish. Dom messaged me and I was quick to ask him out. I prefer meeting someone in person at the beginning instead of chatting online and realizing later when you meet that there’s no spark.

We decided to meet at The Cafe and it went downhill from there. We grabbed drinks and sat at a table while he talked about himself like it was a sales pitch. I love to talk – and I couldn’t even get a word in.

He was into fitness and martial arts and he knew that I competed in fitness competitions. He must have been trying to impress me, because he got on the floor in the bar and started doing push-ups! What was I supposed to do? Cheer him on? Join him? People were staring. I was so embarrassed I waited for him to sit back in his chair.

I felt obligated to continue the night, so when he asked me to dance, I hesitantly agreed – until he was grinding and way too close for comfort that I called it a night.

Verdict: I became even busier with school when he texted. And the workload sure didn’t lessen as the texts got more frequent. Next time, save the push-ups for the gym…

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