Dating Diaries: Should You Club With Your Boo?

I can’t even lie. Throughout my 20’s I have gotten it in!! Gotten it in meaning, I have popped bottles with the best of em, have been to every party the city has had to offer, and of course, travelled to a few states to parttttyyyyy! Everything from Homecomings, to Album launch parties to birthday parties to wining and dining with celebrities, your girl has been the Club Queen! I also will admit to loving every minute of it. Yep, that’s right- I loved nothing more than getting all done up and heading out to a night out on the town with my girls where we literally danced the night away! Now me and my girls, we are the Dancers. We don’t go to parties to stand around and look “cute” or act shy, if the music is playing , please believe we are Wobbling, Backing it Up, Two Stepping, and Pop Lock and Dropping It! All in the name of fun! We go out to have a good time, not to meet men.

Now that my Roaring Twenties are coming to a rapid close I must admit that I am becoming the person with whom I never identified, yes the person who does not HAVE to be in the club every weekend like it’s a second job! LOL. My mother told me it would slow down in my late 20’s and she was right! Nowadays, the effort required to get dressed, race to the club, and then come home at some Godforsaken hour to do it all again the next night, just does not appeal to me as much. Afterall, the scene now is drastically different, a lot of the “hot spots” in town that we went to are no longer open or the crowd is just far too young, or in some cases too old. I find myself still enjoying the scene on a special occasion like a birthday, or of course if someone has a table, but to go “out”  just to go ..wellll it’s not that serious for me anymore. I would much rather be home relaxing or doing something equally fun but chill, or even not so chill, be with a boo thang, or just reading a good book, especially in these cold months!  I’m even at the point where I prefer to party with someone I am dating, than without. Now this of course is if he likes to dance; if he doesn’t , no point in torturing him on a dance floor. I’ve actually only seriously dated one guy who loved to dance as much as me and was actually a great dancer. We had this crazy magnetic chemistry on the dance floor and would be in our own little world. We didn’t club together often, but when we did it was great.

I always admired those older couples that still go out dancing with each other every week. I remember this older couple who would literally be in the club every weekend with us young folk. I remember thinking what the hell are they doing in here, they seem so out of place, but when someone asked them they said all of their kids were grown and they both just loved to dance with each other and used to go out and dance the night away “back in the day”. I said well if that’s what makes them happy and how they keep their bond tight, who am I to judge?? With that being said I looked back over my clubbing experience and realized my best clubbing days have been done mainly with my girls because either a.) I was single or B.)My guy didn’t like to dance and couldn’t dance even if he tried or, C.) My guy preferred to go to the club weekly with his boys without me.


My question is- At what point do you party with someone you are dating, or do clubs and boyfriends/girlfriends and boo thangs NOT  mix?

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