Dating Diaries: Should I have given him a ride or nah??


Dear Diary,

I am a single woman dating in the Lagos Metropolis.  Recently I came across this guy who was cute. Middle eastern/Spanish looking guy and I decided to swipe right letting him know I was interested. We have been sending messages online for awhile when he said he wanted some photos. We exchanged phone numbers and even additional photos. We were vibing and trying to meet up for our first date. Below is the transcript of us finally nailing down plans to meet up.

HIM: I thought you wanted to hangout?

ME: I did, just got a new phone so I am finally getting messages. You want to do something tonight?

HIM: Sure, what do you wanna do?

ME: I’m open, Want to just meet at a cool spot, grab a drink, appetizer or something?

HIM: Do you wanna go to a bar?

ME: I’m ok either way, there is a place on U street Chi Cha Lounge or something or another, food is okay, there is also a place in Adam’s Morgan too, but I have never eaten there, so you decide which one. BTW, do you smoke other things?

HIM: Okay, gotcha, only issue is my car is in the shop, so I can catch the metro cab

ME: I can metro too, its easy for me as well. So then the one on U street, It’s Chi Cha Lounge

HIM: Got it!

ME: I am working late since I am doing a compressed work week, is 9 too late?

HIM: I think it should be fine, but I will let you know for sure soon.

PAUSE: To not make this post go on forever, I am paraphrasing the next few texts. He reveals that he smokes green, which is totally cool with me since I smoke as well. We decide that we will also smoke some green tonight and that he will pick some up and bring it with him. He asks if he can come to my home or asks if I want to come over to his place. I tell him flat out, he will not be coming over to my house and I will not be going to his house. I let him know that we just met and I do not feel that we should be going to each other houses. So after that we continue talking about where we will meet.

HIM: Do you mind picking me up along your way to the Lounge?

ME: It’s not along my route. lol.

HIM: Oh wow. I thought you lived close by. Well if you don’t mind picking me up I’ll get two grams and smoke you out.

ME: I live near, but I am at work, and your area isn’t close to my work place.

HIM; Oh okay. Well since you live near, you mind picking me up? Since I don’t have a car now?

ME: No, I am actually not comfortable with that. and I hate to sound like a bitch, but no. We can meet tonight at a time that is easy for you but I can’t come and pick you up.

HIM: I means it’s gonna help me out a bit, you will just be helping me out a lot. I mean we’re gonna smoke anyway. I am saying it would be really nice and cool of you to do this favor for me. And in return I’ll buy the weed.. I’ll even pay for your gas if you want.

ME: I don’t need a man to pay for weed or for my gas. I’m self sufficient for the most part. Plus I don’t ever want to give off the impression that if you give me money I will do stuff. I can’t be bought. At the end of the day I think you are asking for a lot on the first date. I understand the car situation, why don’t we wait until you either get your car or we can both meet in a more central location?

He then proceeds to continue to beg me for a ride blah blah and I am really THROUGH at this point!

WTF? Are you serious, I am thinking. Dude, I work past the freaking airport. So you want me to drive all the way home, through the city and into town to pick you up because its easy for you. Because you can’t take 30 minutes on public transportation to get into the city? So it’s okay to ask me to come over an hour, but you can’t be inconvenienced or do anything? What a joke. Is this cool in the dating arena? This is your first impression and our first date and you have all these favors you want to ask. So, ladies, am I being crazy, too harsh, should I have given this dude a pass and picked him?  I can’t believe he even had the nerve!!!!!!


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