Dating Diaries: She’s Got Her Beauty And Nothing Else Going For Her – Patrick’s story

Patrick is a 27 year old quality control analyst. He likes sports and loves listening to music. He enjoys being spontaneous and going to Art Crawls and oriental cuisine – though he prefers a simple night in to save money, ’cause he’s a self proclaimed “practical guy”. He describes his dating habits as “selective” and “particular” and rarely brings anyone home to meet the family.


I was never good at meeting people in public.


I met Caroline online and we started chatting for a couple of days. The dialogue was a bit dry, but I didn’t mind – she was one of the prettiest girls I had ever talked to. She was cute, and into some cool bands. I asked her out and she chose a restaurant to meet up at a couple of days later. I was holding my phone feeling like I had won the lottery. For the seventy two hours that followed I was on cloud nine, until we finally met for the date.


This is why I’m writing a dating diary.


We sat down and ordered the typical waters that people get when they are too shy to order anything strong or expensive. We occasionally lost eye contact and made small talk about how well I found the place. When it was time to order, she took the reigns and ordered almost one of everything on the menu. For a second I wondered if she was a dude. I had never experienced this kind of forwardness. First, I had thought that she was just really hungry. Maybe she had waited for the last few days in anticipation of this date and we would become lovey-dovey emotional eaters together. Second, I was thinking, why isn’t she letting me choose my own food? Third, wow this chick eats a lot, and fourth, this is way out of my budget! What is she doing!?


I was planning on picking up the bill (I am admittedly very cheap) and I was sweating bullets waiting for the total to come. Writing this I see that I totally sound like a cheap-skate, but whatever. It’s the 21st century and unless you live with your parents after school, rent isn’t cheap. Thankfully, when the bill came, I saw that it was only one inclusive price per person!


I’m not very adventurous with my food and at the time, I had never been to a sushi restaurant. Who knew it was all you can eat?


Besides me being on edge awaiting the cheque, the conversation didn’t flow as well as the mounds of food coming to our table. In fact, all the eating was cathartic when I look back at the panic that I was in. But the strange thing is that despite being gorgeous, there wasn’t much else. She was very ditzy and just talked about her appearance, not to mention the word like, which never left her vocabulary. I thought she was an air-head. I guess she could say the same about me, if she only knew my lack of all-you-can-eat-Japanese-food experiences.


Verdict: Not hungry for a second date. Lesson learned: never go for dinner on a first date. You can’t escape the bad conversation until the cheque arrives, and when it does, you’re stuck paying for it, or at least half.

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